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Average Cost: $25,000

*Average cost for THIS venue is calculated by figuring a 125-person guest list for a 5-hour event rental of the property on a Saturday night featuring top-shelf bar options and a buffet meal. Transportation to venue, entertainment, decor, and flowers are not included. Average price includes gratuity and state sales tax. Price is rounded up to the nearest thousand.

How it breaks down: The venue does a great job of telling you up front that you can expect costs to range from $130-$160/pp before tax and gratuity. However, if you want a wedding on Saturday night, you would have to reserve the bar for a minimum of $25,000, so that per person price naturally goes up. Here’s how they broke down a Saturday night rental for me, with a 125-person guest list:

Open Bar with Premium Beer/Wine/Liquor for 5 hours:

Cost: $78.75/pp


  • Choice of 6 passed apps, such as Mini truffled grilled cheese sandwiches, ginger poached shrimp, house-cured smoked salmon, ceviche shooters, seasonal sausage bites, and house marinated olives.
  • Buffet spread with 2 salads (arugula with roasted cremini mushrooms/Baby spinach and watercress), Entrees and Sides (pan-seared chicken, marinated hangar steaks, seasonal veggie pasta, seasonal veggie sides), and Dessert (coffee and tea, fruit plate).

Cost: $70/pp


Tax: 8.875%  is $1,650
Gratuity: 20% is $3,718

Total: $23,962 ($191.70/pp)

With setup/breakdown costs of $500 and the potential need for additional table/chair/linens (prices vary) you will most likely hit the $25,000 easily.
Other extras:
A/V guy for live band or video: $200
Coat check: $1/pp with tip jar
If you are looking for a less expensive option at this venue, and your timing is flexible, there are several options. There is a Sunday Wedding special for 100 people for $10,000. You can also have a day event (out by 5 p.m.) for $15,000, or an early evening party (out by 8:00 p.m. with an afterparty/private room option after) for $20,000. See a Sample Wedding Contract for a day wedding at this venue.

Party On! If you’ve opted to rent out the venue for the entire evening, it’s yours until 3:30 a.m. if you want (sweet). You can also start setting up as early as 9 a.m., which is nice. However, if you are utilizing the space for more than 5 hours without doing an open bar, they ask that you pay $500 each additional hour. If you are utilizing an open bar past the 5-hour mark, you’ll be paying approximately $1,094 for 125 people each additional hour the bar stays open. (Every hour past your 5-hour open bar it’s half the normal price of $17.50/pp).

Photo by Eric Ekroth. I love this photo, BTW!

More Stats

Space Type: Inside

Size: The bar can accommodate up to 225 guests. However, the seating will be varied and limited, as a traditional bar/restaurant is. There are 130-160 seats in reBar. If you wanted to have your ceremony there, they can provide seating for 150 guests. A lot of brides opt to have the ceremony in nearby Brooklyn Bridge Park, and use reBar as a “rainy day” option.

Food Service Type: Buffet

Photo by Ramsay Fitzgerald de Give

via Sprout Home Brooklyn

How Will Grandma Get There? DUMBO has a tendency to be considered out of the way, especially if your guests are traveling in from New York City hotels. Cab drivers don’t love going there from Manhattan (whenever I would tell my cab driver a destination there, I would almost always get a sigh), and cabs aren’t always readily available to take you back. If it’s in your budget and you have a lot of out of town guests, I would look into hiring a shuttle to take guests from a pickup spot in Manhattan to the ceremony location, which can cost your $1,000 or more depending on number of people/size of van or bus.

The Report: Located in Brooklyn’s DUMBO (which stands for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass), reBar is a “gastropub” when it’s not being rented out for private events. It is situated on the mezzanine of an 1800’s factory (formerly the Grand Union Tea Company). The venue has 15 draft taps, 130 bottles of beer, an organic wine list, and a chef that can cater to traditional as well as vegan wedding menus.

Photo from Brooklyn Bride

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Woman Getting Married Says:

In my communication with this venue, they were super nice and helpful, which is always a plus. The owner, Jason, was actually my point of contact. I think it’s great that the owner is so in touch with future bride-to-be’s who are considering their venue. They actually take the time to come up with a sample proposal based on your exact needs, and include things like tax and gratuity so you don’t have to rack your brain trying to figure out how much it’s ACTUALLY going to cost. I think this venue is a great Brooklyn venue that would be perfect for a casually elegant reception. Given the unique, natural decor, you wouldn’t have to do much to decorate, and the space would lend itself well to a “speakeasy” kind of vibe (think how cute your invites and table decor could be…ooh! Inspiration board on the way!). I also hear from other brides that the food is great and they were very happy with their experience at the venue.

I think the prices are fair for a Saturday night “buyout,” but my only complaint is that I think the alcohol cost is high, even for a premium bar. However, the cost is most likely higher because you are renting out the entire bar for the evening, and they have to make it worth their while. If you can, I would definitely try to negotiate the alcohol cost, or try narrowing down the alcohol options, especially if you’re not doing a buyout. Depending on your crowd, perhaps you only need one or two kinds of beer and two wines (one red, one white), with more emphasis on premium spirits like vodka, bourbon, and scotch. Or you can do the reverse, with a parred-down spirit list and more wines/beer. If you are doing a buyout, since there is a $25,000 Saturday night minimum it might not even be worth it to negotiate, because that price has to be made up somewhere anyway. BUT if you happen to be OVER the minimum, then I would definitely try to compromise!




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