Wolf Den Farm

Wolf Den Farm

Neighborhood: Brentwood

*NOTE: Since the owners of this farm do not have a large # of events here, there is no formal way to get in touch with the owners of this farm. The best way to contact them is to go through one of the caterers that do events there, Miel restaurant.

Average Base Cost: $25,000

Average cost for a wedding at Wolf Den Farm, including tax and gratuity, is calculated by figuring a 125-person guest list for a 6-hour reception on a Saturday night using the least expensive menu and bar options. They do not include transportation to/from the venue, or any optional fees such as tents. Numbers are rounded up to the nearest hundred.

How it Breaks Down

Facility Rental Fee: $1,500 for ceremony/reception.

Food: Using Miel’s catering service, menu options will range from $50-$100/pp. Assuming you go with the least expensive option, it would be $6,250.

Kitchen Setup: Because this venue does not have a kitchen, the catering company has to literally build one outside. Up to $4,000.

Bar: BYOB (you’ll just have to supply bartenders and setups, which can also be arranged via the caterers). You can assume a $20/pp cost for alcohol, plus up to $500 for servers. $3,000

What’s Included? What you see is what you get. All tables, linens, serviceware, lighting, etc. has to be brought in. Up to $7,000 (lighting can get pricey).

Tax and Service: 18% service charge and 9.25% sales tax on food, beverage, and any rented equipment

More Stats

Space Type: Inside/Outside

Size: 50 people seated comfortably inside the barn; with tenting you can go up to 125 using the inside/outside space.

Food Service Type: Caterers can arrange for formal seated or buffet.

Dressing Rooms Available: No

Elevator: N/A

Security Provided: No

Valet: No.

How Will Grandma Get There? Out of town guests staying in downtown Nashville would have to be shuttled to the farm, which is approx. 35 minutes away. You can arrange to have an early and late shuttle leaving the event, so older guests can choose how late they want to stay. A wedding planner I spoke to said shuttles for 125 people in this area could run you up to $4,000!

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Things To Remember:

-This is an actual working barn, which means you or your wedding planners (which I highly recommend for this venue) need to “romanticize” the air beforehand, if you know what I mean.

-While the barn is covered, if it rains and you decide not to tent, it’s going to be very claustrophobic if everybody is forced to stay inside. The smaller the event here, the better.

-Bathrooms are limited (I saw one when I was there)

The Report

Wolf Den Farm is an actual horse farm in Brentwood, TN, a ritzy suburb of Nashville. Lots of celebs/country singers live in or around this neighborhood, and it’s beautiful. Events are held in the small barn and the green acreage that surrounds it, where you’ll see several llamas along with horses. The barn is modern and updated with recessed track lighting and giant iron chandeliers, and has lots of unique details, like wooden mirrors on the wall, an old carriage, and a blue claw-foot tub under a chalkboard you can personalize with your names. While the barn is somewhat narrow and the ceilings are relatively short, the entrance has 25-foot ceilings and would be good for a band/dance floor area.

Woman Getting Married Says

As a Nashville resident, I’ve been dying to see this venue ever since I saw pictures from the wedding of drummer Nathan Followill (Kings of Leon) and singer Jessie Baylin. While I knew it was called Wolf Den Farm, I could not find any contact info. I finally found out who the caterer was, and since I loved their food I decided to contact them for my own wedding search. I told the caterer what I was looking for and that I loved that venue, so she was able to contact the owners and we made the drive out there. The owners were EXTREMELY nice (as is the caterer), and their farm was gorgeous.

I loved how updated their barn was, and I loved the possibility of what you could do to it. However, the barn really is on the small side. I wouldn’t feel comfortable having more than 50 people seated inside, especially if I was going to utilize the entrance for a band/dance floor. If you’re interested in an outside wedding with a tent, this would be beautiful. If that was the case I would then utilize the barn purely for a bar/dance floor. The rental fee is extremely low, but considering all the things you have to bring in it’s not going to be cheap to do a formal affair here, especially if you have a lot of out-of-town guests you’ll need to shuttle. I think this venue works best for a small, daytime, casual event.

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Amenities/What’s Included 4
Convenient for Grandma 6
Layout 6
Location 9
Overall Charm 9
Venue Value 8

WGM Rating

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  1. says: Adele Tyler

    My daughter is getting married at another Williamson County farm venue, near Wolf Den, in a few weeks. Reading your entry made me glad we decided on this other place, Tap Root Farm, which has larger facilities and is equipped to host up to 300 people or so, with a large building for parties, a lovely screened pavillion with a barn-like feel. I recommend it to others looking for a farm setting. And, it’s only three miles from the Cool Springs Boulevard exit on i -65 and close enough to the Marriot and Embassy Suites that they will provide shuttle service to and from the wedding for hotel guests, so our families are staying at those hotels.