The Foundry

The Foundry
42-38 Ninth Street
Long Island City, NY 11101
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Average Base Cost: $51,000

Average cost for a Foundry wedding is calculated by figuring a 125-person guest list for a Saturday night wedding in October 2020 along with the Terrace and Greenhouse rentals, and applying food/beverage catering costs of $200/pp. Chairs, linens, entertainment, and decorations are NOT included.  Average price includes gratuity and state sales tax. Price is rounded up to the nearest thousand.

How It Breaks Down

Facility Rental Fee:

2019 Rental Rates

Saturday: $13,000
Fridays & Sundays $11,000
Monday – Thursday: $8,000

the foundry wedding
Photo by Wayne Yuan

2020 Rental Rates

January, February, March

Saturday: $11,000
Fridays & Sundays: $9,000
Monday – Thursday: $8,000

April, July, August, November, December

Saturday: $13,500
Fridays & Sundays: $11,500
Monday – Thursday: $8,500

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May, June, September, October

Saturday: $15,000
Fridays & Sundays: $12,500
Monday – Thursday: $8,500

best new york city wedding venues

2021 Rental Rates

January, February, March

Saturday: $11,500
Fridays & Sundays $9,500
Monday – Thursday $8,500

April, July, August, November, December

Saturday: $14,000
Fridays & Sundays: $12,000
Monday – Thursday: $9,000

May, June, September, October

Saturday: $15,500
Fridays & Sundays: $13,000
Monday – Thursday: $9,000

Note: On holiday weekends (Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc.) the Sunday rate becomes the Saturday rate.

What’s Included:

Your 12 hour rental includes The Foundry Main Space, the accompanying Courtyard & Porch, commercial grade catering kitchen, private dressing room, three staff members, supplementary furniture suitable for a cocktail hour, ambient and adjustable lighting throughout the interior space(s) and exterior Courtyard. 

via Jason Thomas Crocker Photography & The Foundry

Additional spaces available to rent/tent:

The Foundry Courtyard

You can also choose to tent The Foundry Courtyard, which would increase the rates above to as follows:

30’x45′ White Top – $3,500

30’x60′ White Top – $4,500

30’x45′ Clear Top – $4,000

30’x60′ Clear Top – $5,000

best new york city wedding venues
Tented courtyard. Photo by Erich McVey

The Foundry Terrace

The Foundry Terrace is an outdoor elevated terrace adjacent to The Foundry’s mezzanine level.  The area can accommodate up to 80 or 90 guests for cocktails. It features views of the Queensboro Bridge and Manhattan.  Rental is $1,000.

The Terrace. Photo by Laurie Rhodes Photographer

The Foundry Greenhouse

The Foundry Greenhouse is an indoor space adjacent to The Foundry on the main level.  This room can be used as an alternative to The Courtyard or in addition to The Foundry.  It can accommodate up to 80 guests for a seated dinner or up to 125 guests for a ceremony, cocktails or dancing.  Rental is $2,500.

The Greenhouse

The Albra Room

Can you used for your cocktail hour in conjunction with the Greenhouse, or as an after party for an hour and a half after your event ends. Rental is $1,000-$3,500

best new york city wedding venues
The Albra Room

The Pool Room

Can be rented as a getting ready area, VIP room, or after-party space. Rental is $1,000-$2,000


In-house Audio Speaker System In-house JBL speaker system is available for your DJ or IPOD/Device, and 1 wireless handheld microphone. Rental of the system is $500 (Foundry Main Space & Courtyard). Greenhouse: $150. Albra Room: $150.

DVD Projector System & Screen The Foundry can a state-of-the-art DVD projector with projection screen for $350

The Foundry Terrace The Foundry Terrace can be used exclusively for photos for an hour for additional $250.

Du Val Garden This privately-owned 4,000 square foot garden with views of both Manhattan and the 59th Street Bridge can be available for photos for the couple or wedding party for $500 for a 2 hour minimum. 

More Stats

Space Type: Inside/outside.

Bridal Suite: No (but you can carve out additional rental space as needed).

Size: Up to 200 guests for cocktails or 125 guests for a dinner (this also includes the dance floor). For dinner seating, approximately 80 guests can be seated on the ground floor (with dance floor area) and 32-45 guests upstairs on The Mezzanine. The Courtyard can accommodate up to 165 guests for a dinner.

Food Service Type: Depends on caterer. Can do cocktail/plated/buffet. You can use their recommended vendors or bring in your own.

Parking: There is street parking evenings and weekends. 30 vehicles can park on 9th Street alone, with additional  parking available around the corner on 43rd Avenue.

How Will Grandma Get There? Long Island City isn’t AS easy to get to for out-of-towners as a New York City venue, but it’s not crazy. You’re looking at an approximate 10 minute cab ride from Grand Central to The Foundry (depending on traffic) or a 21 minute subway ride to one of the  nearest subway stations. The problem with the subway, however, is The Foundry is a 7-12 block walk depending on the subway line you choose. You would definitely want to arrange to have cabs available for pickup after your wedding. For lodging, while Long Island City has several hotels to choose from, the reviews aren’t stellar for them. If you have out of town guests it would be better to have them stay in and enjoy the city. Options could include The Grand Hyatt and Sofitel near Grand Central.

Party On!: The rental rate guarantees you 12 hours for the event as well as setup and breakdown. The Foundry’s guest curfew is 12:30 AM.  Caterers and/or any vendors are permitted to break down and remove their equipment until 2:00 A.M. You can, however, extend the guest curfew past 12:30 A.M. for an overtime rate of $1,000/hour.

The Report

The Foundry is a 19th Century building that once manufactured varnishes before it became the The Albra Metal Foundry, whose logo is still visible on the corner of the building on 9th street and 43rd Avenue. The Foundry was abandoned in the 1970’s, but was eventually refurbished by the Du Val family in 1980 and began hosting events in 2001. It now hosts everything from weddings to film shoots. If it looks familiar to you, it might be because it was featured in an episode of Girls when Jessa hosted her surprise wedding there.

Woman Getting Married Says

There are pros and cons (as there are with most venues) with The Foundry. The biggest con is the price tag. In peak season you’re looking at $17,000 for a Saturday night wedding to utilize their main venue space along with the Greenhouse and Terrace. And that price doesn’t even include your reception tables and chairs. The biggest pro is that you can attempt to offset the venue cost by bringing in your own vendors and saving money on alcohol and food.

This sets it apart from other venues in the city that will charge you $300/pp for food and beverage (which if you go with certain caterers at this venue, that might happen as well). With that said this is New York, and with venue space being at a premium you’d be hard pressed to find a large and polished industrial venue better than this one. The fact that you have several distinct places to choose from within the venue (The Courtyard, Greenhouse, and Terrace) is a nice option, allowing you to have your ceremony in one place and your cocktails and dinner in another. If you have the funds this is definitely worth checking out.

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Amenities/What’s Included 7
Convenient for Grandma 8
Layout 10
Location 8
Overall Charm 10
Venue Value 7

WGM Rating

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