We Review the 5 Best Wedding Websites to Use for 2024

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So much has changed technology-wise over the past few years that it can be hard for wedding websites to keep up! But some new and not-so-new wedding websites have launched and re-launched with some great designs and tools that are way cooler than I could have ever imagined. And while I’m pretty sure we’ll see more and more wedding websites and technologies arrive in the very near future to make not only planning your wedding easier but make the experience fun for guests, I wanted to review the best wedding websites currently available so you can pick the easiest and most affordable wedding website creator out there.

Our Top Wedding Website Choices for 2024

Our Top Pick: Joy

Best Registry Integration: Zola

Largest Selection of Matching Invites: Minted

Best Planning Tools: The Knot

Easiest to Set Up: Wedding Wire

Note: I update this list every year (and sometimes multiple times a year) if new features are added or if these websites slip off our list, so keep checking back for the most updated version.

How We Made Our Picks

When I started this website way back in 2009 while planning my own wedding, there were only a handful of wedding website creators available. And yes, they were WAY less advanced than they are now. (Though I did love how many of them let you play music when you got to the page, like MySpace did back in the day, for those of you who are around my age! We played Wreckless Eric’s “Whole Wide World” on our wedding website, and then again as our recessional song). In other words, I’ve seen wedding website creators go through a lot of iterations, and the leaders of the pack have become pretty clear over the past few years.

To that end, I’ve sampled and reviewed dozens of wedding websites as the editor of this site. I’ve done this not only through the eyes of a couple getting married, but also as a digital editor with over 20 years experience working online developing websites. Using my decades of experience I am able to confidently tell you which ones function the best, not only from the UX (user experience) perspective, but as a bride AND as a guest.

Our Review Criteria

  1. How easy it is to create an account and get a website started. You want to be able to have your wedding website up in a few minutes
  2. The design options and tools offered (such as online RSVP and guest list manager). The less tabs you have to have open on your computer, the better! A good wedding website platform will let you do all your planning in one place.
  3. Wedding registry integration. You used to have to link out to your separate wedding registry from your wedding website, which can be confusing for guests who might not know where their being directed to. Now, the top wedding website platforms almost all have their own wedding registry, so your guests never leave your site, even when buying a gift.
  4. The cost, if any. None of our top picks charge a fee for a base version, because we just don’t see a need to pay given the great, free options available today.

Below is our unbiased review for each of our picks, the pros and cons, as well as why several didn’t make our list.

1. Best Overall: Joy

best wedding websites

Price: Free
Custom Domains: Yes ($21.99/year)
Matching Wedding Invites: Yes
All-in-One Wedding Registry: Yes


  • One of the best Guest List Managers on the market
  • New Joy registry is easily integrated to your site, with zero fee cash fund options and 20% completion discount (one of the highest)
  • Smart RSVP lets you add custom guest questions, track multiple events, and get responses in real time


  • Designs with matching invites are limited

Why We Chose It:

When Joy first launched in 2016, they quickly become one of our favorites. First, you can’t beat the price (it’s free), and two, their site design and functionality is robust yet simple, which makes it easy for you and guests to use. The company was started by engineers and you can tell: Their guest list manager and online RSVP are hands-down the best you’ll find. Plus, they’re constantly working on new tools and functionality, like their AI-driven thank-you writer for wedding gifts (when you just don’t know what to say about that stand mixer you received) as well as a Writer’s Block assistant that can help give you thought-starters for everything from your “About Us” section on the wedding website to your vows.

Key Features:

  • 100+ themes to choose from, several of which you can also coordinate with Paperlust and Paper Culture Save the Dates and wedding invites
  • Use it to stream virtual wedding events
  • Digital RSVPs, with a global guest list tool allows you to manage and tag guests and filter by groups such as where you know them from (“high school friends”) or whether they’re bringing a plus one or kids.
  • See which guests have opened their invites. Plus, ask guests everything from their meal choices to their travel plans
  • Notify guests of upcoming events or changes, and message them directly from your guest list. You can even send them free digital Save the Dates and invites
  • Collect guest photos and showcase them in live slideshows (and decide if you want guests to be able to share them on Facebook and Instagram)
  • Incorporate a Joy registry, which features a high 20% completion discount as well as Zero Fee cash fund options. They also offer a true universal registry, which allows you to link to and add gifts from other stores
  • Guests can book travel directly via your wedding website via Uber/Lyft integrations
  • Password protect your entire site and specific pages (like one for your bachelorette party) that only guests invited to that particular event can see

2. Best Registry Integration: Zola

best wedding websites

Price: Free
Custom Domains: Yes (starting at $14.95/year)
Matching Wedding Invites: Yes
All-in-One Wedding Registry: Yes


  • Amazing checklist keeps you on track
  • One of the top wedding registries, offering seamless integration to your site
  • Robust seating chart tool


  • Fewer customization options

Why We Chose It:

Zola’s free wedding websites offer pretty much every tool under the sun, including tons of designs, integration with their awesome wedding registry, a stellar guest list manager, and a wedding checklist tool that will basically plan your wedding for you. It was our top pick for many years because I loved how seamlessly you could integrate their wedding registry onto your website. But now that Joy has their own registry as well, it’s taken our #2 spot. With that said there are some things it does better than any other wedding website creator, such as their free checklist tool. All you have to do is enter your wedding date and it will create a timeline of when things should be done by. It will It will also incorporate any cultural or religious traditions into your checklist as well as help you find vendors in their growing directory.

Key Features:

  • Collect addresses by sending guests e-mail and track RSVPs in real-time
  • Format addresses for printed save the dates and invitations
  • Manage plus ones and meal preferences
  • Integrate your Zola wedding registry and any other stores you might be registered at
  • Change your wedding website design at any time and re-order your pages including your Home, Schedule, Travel, Registry, Wedding Party, Photos, Things to Do, FAQs, RSVP
  • Free checklist tool keeps you on track of your due dates
  • Password protected site
  • Wedding website and registry apps

3. Best for Matching Invites: Minted

best wedding websites

Price: Their base version is free. A Minted Wedding Concierge can help you set it up for $49, which includes a custom domain
Custom Domains: Yes (starting at $15/year)
Matching Wedding Invites: Yes
All-in-One Wedding Registry: No (Just a cash registry)


  • Beautiful selection of invites and matching website designs
  • Matching digital address collection cards
  • You can use the stored guest addresses for holiday cards later on
  • Custom designs available


  • Lacks traditional wedding planning tools
  • Cash registry only. You would link out to any other registries you have
  • Interface can be hard to use sometimes

Why We Chose It:

When it comes to wedding invitations Minted is our #1 choice. It’s really hard to beat their quality and selection, with thousands of designs from independent artists! If having top-notch invites that match your wedding website is really important to you, then Minted is the best wedding website to go with. They even offer the option to work with your own Minted designer on a completely custom design. On the other hand, if you’re looking for more wedding planning tools (like checklists, etc.) or a built-in registry, then you’re better off going with Joy or Zola.

Key Features:

  • Hundreds of website designs with matching stationery options from your invites to your menus.
  • A simple dashboard that guides you through the website creation process, with a live preview of any changes you make.
  • Add pages for multiple events (such as your Bridal Shower, Rehearsal Dinner, etc.) and assign guests to each.
  • Create custom RSVP questions for every event (like whether they want chicken or fish).
  • Universal Guest List will help collect addresses with matching Digital Address Cards. Plus, Minted will track RSVPs and then address your wedding envelopes for free. (We’re obsessed with their font options for this, BTW.) Bonus? You’ll now have those addresses ready for Minted holiday cards later on.
  • Option to work with your own Minted designer on a custom design. (The current price is $270 and includes an upgrade to a Premium website.) Note that as of this update, there was a 9-month wait.

TIP: Once you’ve set up your wedding website, make sure you stay on track with our SUPER helpful Wedding Checklist.

4. Best Planning Tools: The Knot

best wedding websites

Price: Free
Custom Domains: Yes (1 year for $19.99 or 2 years for $39.98)
Matching Wedding Invites: Yes
All-in-One Wedding Registry: Yes


  • Knot planning tools are easily incorporated into website dashboard to help you plan
  • Matching wedding invitation designs
  • Interface is super easy to use


  • Lacks the traditional wedding planning tools other websites have
  • Integrated registry doesn’t offer selection like competitors Joy and Zola

Why We Chose It:

This free wedding website has improved SO much since we last reviewed it that it’s nearly perfect. Some of the features feel a bit sales-y and clunky to me still (I actually think they’ve put TOO much stuff on the dashboard area), BUT this has definitely become a great option on our list. There are a ton of great-looking themes to choose from (which you can change at any time), and you can organize your guest lists, add addresses, as well as track invites and RSVPs for multiple events. While they give you suggested pages and sections to use, you can also create as many unique website pages you want in addition to these features on your Knot wedding website…

Key Features:

  • Choose from multiple themes and colors
  • Synced registry options that allow you to add anything from a honeymoon fund to department store
  • See which hotels offer discounted room blocks near your venue right on your website dashboard
  • Guest list manager that allows you to add guests to multiple events, assign a household, and help you collect guest addresses via a secure url you can e-mail them
  • A combined wedding checklist and budget tool that helps you stay on track
  • Create a photo album, share a Facebook album, or enter your wedding hashtag and pull in Instagram photos from guests
  • Import your guest list or add it manually to the ‘Guest List’ section

5. Easiest to Set Up: Wedding Wire

best wedding websites

Price: Free. If you buy a custom domain you can download your website to keep it forever
Custom Domains: Yes ($24/year)
Matching Wedding Invites: No
All-in-One Wedding Registry: No


  • Intuitive user experience that you can set up in minutes
  • Customizable wedding checklist
  • Interface is super easy to use


  • Limited designs
  • No matching invites
  • No built-in wedding registry, you just link to the stores you’re registered at from your website

Why We Chose It:

This is another wedding website tool that has gotten so much better since we last did our update. You can do pretty much everything you need to do along with other cool planning features such as adding maps for each event location, or the ability for guests to message you directly with any questions. You can even download your website to keep forever if you opt for the premium package. While I think they’re definitely worth checking out, I found myself wishing for a few more features like the other options on this list have, particularly when it comes to having their own registry. But if you’re looking for something a bit more simple, this could be a good in-between choice.

Key Features: 

  • Choose from over 100 designs and customize your page layouts and colors
  • Digital RSVPs
  • Preview the way your wedding website will look across all devices (desktop, phone)
  • Add fun survey and quizzes
  • Out-of-town guests can browse nearby hotels or add Airbnb options all within your personal website
  • Connect with various online wedding registries like Target, Amazon, and Traveler’s Joy

What Do You Need a Wedding Website For?

Wedding websites are the best way to keep guests informed of all your wedding details. While that used to be what wedding invitations were for, to be honest those have really just become a formality. Don’t get us wrong, we still love invites. But most wedding guests aren’t using them for information anymore. And this is where your wedding website comes in!

When looking for a wedding website, there are a few key items you want to make sure yours has:

Easy to navigate:

When a guest goes to your site, it should be clear WHERE they should go on it. A menu with tabs you can create for your Hotels, Ceremony + Reception, Our Love Story (aka the story of how you two met), Registry, and RSVP will help guests get the information they need for your wedding and the events surrounding it. And speaking of easy, make sure you’re able to get an easy-to-remember url if you can. If a website offers a short and sweet domain name, that’s what you want.

Online RSVP:

While you’ve no doubt spent at least an hour putting stamps on those tiny RSVP reply cards, having an online option means guests can choose which method they prefer. Alternatively you could opt for online-only RSVP, and just send reply cards to your older relatives who might not be as computer-savvy as others.

Guest List Manager:

Wedding websites have thought of practically everything, including ways to make managing your guest list feel less like getting your hair pulled out strand-by-strand. Most of our choices below have great management tools (though some are definitely better than others).

Wedding Registry:

Your wedding website is where guests will go to not only find out information about your wedding day/weekend, but to see where you’re registered at. While most wedding website creators used to make you link out to a registry you created at stores like Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel, the top ones now feature either their own wedding registries with physical products and/or cash registries. This makes it way easier for guests to get you a wedding gift, since they can browse your registry and pay for the gift all in one place.

Looking for other free options? Here’s a look at our Top 5 Free Wedding Websites!

Wedding Websites We Also Considered

Some of these websites once topped our list but were replaced by options we felt were better, or are often reviewed and we wanted to give our take. We have removed any websites that are no longer being updated:

Appy Couple used to top our list, but their price of $99/year (or $12/month) for their website, app, and digital invites makes less sense now that you can get all of that for free with website creators like Joy. andZola.

Wedsites: I really love the look and functionality of Wedsites. And while they offer a free version with customizable templates and free web hosting, the majority of these features are included in the $99 one-time payment option. Considering Joy and Zola and The Knot have many of those features for free, it’s hard to justify the cost.

Riley & Grey and Bliss & Bone: Pretty? Yes. But at $35/month (for Riley & Grey) or $15/month (for Bliss & Bone) the costs can add up, especially if you have a long engagement. Even if the cost wasn’t an issue, I don’t think their interfaces can compare to our other top picks.

DIY Wedding Website Builders

Still can’t find a wedding website you love and want to do it yourself? These wedding website builders are also worth checking out. Just note that there will be a monthly fee (starting around $4 for WordPress) and you will have to rely on third-party plugins for features such as RSVP. For instance on Squarespace they recommend you actually use the Joy RSVP feature.

Next up: 30 Unique Wedding Favors Guests Will Actually Appreciate.

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  1. says: Alex

    As a professional photographer specializing in weddings, I find this article on the “5 Best Wedding Websites” to be incredibly insightful and relevant. In today’s digital age, wedding websites have become essential tools for couples to keep their guests informed and engaged throughout the wedding planning process. The article does a fantastic job of highlighting the key features that couples should look for when choosing a wedding website, such as easy navigation, online RSVP capabilities, and guest list management tools.

  2. says: Atul Chauhan

    Very informative article! As a photographer, I’ll also like to suggest Pixpa as one of possible addition. it’s a super easy platform to create a wedding website, having features like client proofing and e-commerce store.

  3. says: Jenny

    This is an awesome list! Thanks so much.

    I just wanted to add another site here: http://unveilevents.com/ is fun and easy to use, plus you can upload files and take notes on it. It’s totally free to use too! Super helpful for planning my wedding.

  4. says: Fiona

    Great blog, nicely put together & breaks down all really well! I wish I came across this blog before I put together my website as it would have saved me tons of time researching! 🙂 After reviewing all we ended up going with http://www.weddingpixie.com as they were easy to set up a website with. Found a lot were overly complicated while theirs took just a few minutes to set up…happy days!

  5. says: Barbara Coveney

    We used the website OurBigDayInfo Wedding Sites. It should really make this list by the way! One of their things we really liked was their ‘RSVP Reports’ feature. Every week you receive (to your email) a spreadsheet of all RSVPs submitted. It was a great for getting a bird’s eye view of who is going, what their contact number/email is etc. Their live chat customer service is also super and they great at helping get your RSVP form setup with your own question – we collected our guest’s wedding meals on our RSVP. I would highly recommend them. Good luck! Babs x

  6. says: Ania and Sebastian

    We signed up for Joy and it has been great so far. I love that we could import our already-existing excel spreadsheet of guests so easily to the online platform, and use that to track the responses! We have also gotten a lot of compliments on the website appearance. The only downsides are a few operational glitches they are still ironing out, and the website does not have the same functionality as the app. Still very happy with it, overall!

  7. says: Sandy

    I just joined up to Joy and it’s fabulous! I love the interface and the app is so handy that my friends have already joined up. There are some teething issues that I’d like to see improved (such as images being cut off on the app) but aside from that, I think it’s an excellent product, userfriendly and free! The best thing is that you can customise fonts, colours and images and make it a real personal site. All in all – highly recommend to my friends 🙂

  8. says: Lone Bryllup

    I just want to say I love your blogging and Im following it now :). Greetings from Denmark

  9. says: Laura

    I have been using Joy for my wedsite and I love it! The web and app functionality are both very good. I have found it very easy to tailor all sections to meet our needs and have been able to personalise everything we want. The ability to determine which parts of the site don’t require an event code means key information can be easily accessed by guests but more personal items, such as photos on the day can be restricted. There are some clever little features throughout such as when entering accommodation the site automatically finds the hotel and links useful information such as website and phone number. Also it’s possible to communicate announcements on the app which could prove very handy on the day to let people know when we need them to be available for pictures etc. I’ve also found the site administrators incredibly helpful and responsive when I accidentally sent out save the dates with the wrong event code on!

    I highly recommend this wedsite!

  10. says: Roxanne

    For all those brides out there, looking for wedding websites. JOY is amazing, so easy to use and really helpful for organising and sending out invitations or Wedding related information. Our guests are absolutely loving our app which they can download through Joy that displays all your custom designs and information. From WEDDING party profiles and contact details, to modern interfaces and photos.

    And it’s all Free!!!!. I’m really happy and would not have it any other way.

    Do yourself a favor, go and have a look at Joy you won’t go wrong.

  11. says: Ray Richards

    What didn’t you include Weebly on this list? It has a free version that is easier to use than any other website builder out there (it has a drag and drop feature that can even be used by kids). The paid option is also very good and they have paid plans for every budget. Wix is also good (just the paid version, the free one shows some ads and I’m not a fan).

  12. says: Disappointed Diva

    Not a happy bride with the Minted wedding websites. Although beautiful, they don’t have the basic functionality that other platforms have. I ended up spending lots of time via email and on the phone trying to get simple options like larger font for older guests or multiple choice options for entree so guests don’t have to type it. I think I am going to have to pay for a different host and transfer the domain name.

    Oh and the $50 credit can only be used on orders of more than $100! S