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Misty Nolan Photography

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Lindsay1About the Founder:

I started when I was a bride-to-be planning my own wedding. Having worked in digital media the past decade for major brands such as Rolling Stone, Reader’s Digest, and, I  was surprised at the lack of resources available online for not only finding the perfect wedding venue, but also for the practical advice I needed on everything from the wedding invitations to the reception decor. So, I decided to do something about it! By combining my love of research, reporting, and trend-spotting I created an online destination that readers could actually relate to (and that I was desperately searching for when planning my own wedding). My goal as the founder and editor of is to not only give our readers amazing ideas for where to get married or what kind of wedding tent to get, but a breakdown of essential information they’ll need to actually make their wedding day happen.

We strive to connect with advertisers we know our readers will love and respond to. We won’t simply present your product to the masses, but we incorporate it into our mission of giving our visitors fun, innovative, and real ways to plan the wedding they always imagined. I look forward to learning more about your goals and how we can work together to make that happen.

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-Lindsay Goldenberg Jones