How Much Do Wedding Cakes Cost?



Anyway you slice it, wedding cake costs are rising. While it’s generally considered one of the least expensive items you’ll have at your wedding (compared to wedding invitations, wedding venues, and wedding dresses), it can still amount to one of your bigger ticket items the fancier you go.

Take a look at the average wedding cake cost from the past couple years, below. While certain big cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Miami might be more expensive, this can give you a good range:

2012: $437

2013: $451

2014: $466

Before you go wedding cake shopping, it’s important to know not only what kind of design you want (naked, metallic, or any of the most recent wedding cake trends), but how much you’re willing to spend. To do that, you have to know just how wedding cakes are priced. Below is a look at a sample wedding cake cost. While the price will definitely vary by bakery and design, this helpful illustration might help make sense of how the price of a wedding cake is calculated. Note that the wedding cake cost is calculated PER SLICE and not PER CAKE.

how much do wedding cakes cost

This simple graphic also shows you how many people a wedding cake tier will typically feed:


So, how can you save money on your wedding cake but still get the design you want? Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid weird shapes. Square and round are going to be your best bets.
  • Have a smaller wedding cake for display (say, one that can feed 50 people even though your guest list is 100) and then have sheet cake to feed the rest. A sheet cake is the same cake batter typically but with only the frosting and no decorations. While you CAN get a store-bought sheet cake to feed your guests, I’d advise having your wedding cake baker make it so you and your guests can enjoy the same cake.
  • Buttercream frostings can be less than fondant by less than $0.75-$1.00 per slice (and tastier, I think!)
  • The more details you have, the more money. Try embellishing cakes with natural decorations such as flower and lavender instead of hand-piped designs and sugar flowers (just make sure they are safe to use on food).
  • Vanilla and chocolate cakes typically cost less than red velvet or carrot.
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On a side note, I found this hilarious video about ordering a regular cake vs. a wedding cake which seems like it could be totally true.

What kind of wedding cake are you going to have? What are you plans to save money on it?

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