Etsy Pick: Envelope Addressing


Um. Can we talk about how awesome the calligraphy on this envelope is?! I think I’m in love with this Etsy calligraphy studio, and specifically this “Julia-Dashingly Chic” design (pictured above). Their work on these envelopes is unexpected and whimsical while still being neat and readable. Can you imagine getting this in the mail?!

While their work is at the higher end of the price spectrum when it comes to calligraphy envelope addressing (which typically averages somewhere between $2-3), you can see how much time and effort they put into each envelope. If you have the budget (or can squeeze it out of somewhere else), this would make such an impact alongside a simple wedding invitation design (perhaps playing off the arrow…think black+white+gold).

Below is a pricing guide for this design in Etsy seller ilulily’s studio:

  • Envelope addressing design: $3.00 per envelope
  • Envelope return addressing (on back flap): 25¢ per envelope
  • Response (RSVP) envelope addressing: 50¢ per envelope
  • Stuffing & mailing: 25¢ per envelope + postage (you provide)
  • Using our A2 or A7 envelopes: 20¢ per envelope

Are you getting your envelopes professionally addressed? What’s your wedding invitation budget?

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