When to Send Out Wedding Invitations

Photo by Coppersmith Photography

Photo by Coppersmith Photography

If there’s any wedding timeline you should definitely pay attention to, it’s when to send out wedding invitations, and even save the dates if you have any guests coming in from out town (and these days, almost all of us do!).

Sticking to a timeline for when to send out wedding invitations is important because it not only lets your guests know not to schedule any other plans for that date, but in a way it makes you put a firm date on when you need to make OTHER wedding decisions by, most importantly your wedding venue. Once you get your wedding venue and date nailed down, trust me when I tell you the hardest part will be DONE (and who doesn’t love that?).

This handy infographic will hopefully help you keep the dates straight for when to send out wedding invitations, which I’ve also outlined below. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section!

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Wedding Invitations Timeline

3-4 Months Before Wedding

  • Mail your Save the Dates
  • For destination weddings, you can send out STD’s as soon as you have your wedding date nailed down. This will give guests as much time as possible to book travel, babysitters, etc.

6-8 Weeks Before Wedding

  • Mail your wedding invitations
  • For destination weddings, try to mail your invites out 3 months beforehand

2-3 Weeks Before Wedding

  • The date to list on your RSVPs that they need to be returned by
  • If a guest misses the deadline, give them a call or email to confirm

when to send out wedding invitations

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