How to Assemble Wedding Invitations

Your invites are back from the printer, and you just got your stamps from the post office. You’re ready to get these things in the mail already! But then it dawns on you…how do you actually assemble your wedding invitations?! This guide will walk you through the proper order, as well as other invitation tips you’ll need to know!

how to assemble wedding invitations
‘Reflection’ wedding invitation suite from Minted

The Order Depends on What’s In Your Wedding Invitation Suite

Figuring out how to assemble wedding invitations is completely based on what’s in yours. A standard wedding invitation suite includes the invite, outer envelope, as well as RSVP card and envelope. However, there are other elements that couples tend to add in as well (get the full breakdown of what goes in a wedding invitation suite here). Some of the most popular additions include:

  • Map/Directions Card
  • Reception Card
  • Accommodations Card
  • Inner Envelope

WGM Says: While the outer envelope is obviously a necessity, an inner envelope is completely optional. Traditionally used for more formal weddings, the inner envelope is placed, unsealed, inside the outer envelope and holds your invitation suite. Instead of an address on the front, the inner envelope has the names of each guest invited on it (you can read more abut how to properly address wedding invitations here).

Don’t Forget the Wedding Invitation Accessories

There are so many fun accessories you can add to your wedding invitation suite before you assemble it. My personal favorite are wax seals, which you add to your outer envelope. Minted has a great collection of self-adhesive wax seals that I love to use in addition to their envelope liners.

how to assemble wedding invitations
Wax seals via Minted

Alternatively, you can use the wax seals on top of a beautiful wedding ribbon to bring your suite together. Or you can keep the seal on the envelope and use a unique belly band instead.

how to assemble wedding invitations
‘Watercolor Sunset’ belly band from Minted

The Right Way to Assemble Wedding Invitations

Ready to mail your invites out? Once you have your invitation suite and accessories ready to, you’ll want to lay everything on a clean table. Then, you’ll want to place your invitation on the table, and add any of the elements you have below on top of it Note that the invitation and enclosures should all be facing up towards you (and will be placed into the envelope the same way).

  1. Invitation
  2. Tissue (if using)
  3. Reception Card
  4. RSVP Card (face up), under the flap of the RSVP envelope
  5. Map/Directions
  6. Accommodations and any other enclosures

If you do use an inner envelope, everything would be placed into it in the same order. However, that envelope would then be placed into the outer envelope with the front of the inner envelope facing you.

how to assemble wedding invitations

When it comes to wedding envelopes, Minted always tops our list! Get free guest addressing (with all-script fonts) and custom envelopes available in a gorgeous selection of colors.

Get Ready to Mail Your Invites

Before you take your invites to the post office, you’ll want to make sure your invites are sealed, addressed (with the correct recipient address and a return address), and ideally weighed. You’ll want to weigh a completed invite before you send them out (so they don’t get returned to you). You can buy a postal scale, or better yet use a baking scale if you already have one. Currently, a 1 oz. envelope requires $0.58 worth of postage, and 2 oz. is $0.78. Most wedding invites require at least two stamps, however if you’re closer to the higher weight I would always err on the side of caution and add an extra stamp! Read our guide to mailing your wedding invitations for more information on stamps, hand-canceling, and more!

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