19 Wedding Program Examples to Elevate Your Ceremony

wedding program examples

There are so many fun wedding program examples out there that will make you definitely want to have one. And you should seriously consider it! After all, wedding programs are often the first thing guests will see at your wedding ceremony, which means they can pack a big punch when it comes to first impressions. Does that mean you should definitely spend money on them? Absolutely not!

I for one chose not to have a wedding program. Our ceremony was 30 minutes long, and I wanted the focus to be on other things we were doing (like the wedding music). I had also gone slightly over-budget on our wedding invitations, so I was trying to cut down on as much paper cost as possible.

Do You Have to Have a Wedding Program?

If you’re on a tight budget, wedding programs are definitely one of those things you can skip. While they are a fun way to welcome guests to your wedding, they are used for such a small period of time that it doesn’t always make sense to spend money on them. With that said, one of the best ways to incorporate a wedding program without breaking the bank is to buy a digital file that you can print yourself for big savings (like a few of the options, below).

WGM Says: Not sure what your wedding program should include (or how much they will cost)? Read our helpful guide to wedding programs!

Even though wedding programs can be an additional cost, I am by no means discouraging you from getting them for your celebrations. If you have the budget or if you can DIY them to save money, they are a really fun for your overall wedding vibe.

I searched through Pinterest and Etsy to find a few of my favorite wedding program examples, below. A lot of these are affordable, fun, and pack a whole lot of design in a little package! But first, let’s get into the basics:

Wedding Program Examples: How to Choose

Think of your wedding program as your wedding’s roadmap—guiding guests through the when, what, and who of your ceremony, all while infusing a dash of your personal flair. But, what exactly should it include? Before we show you actual example we love, here’s a broad look at the type of wedding programs you could choose from.

Traditional Wedding Program

The classic. This program is all about the basics—simple, elegant, and no-nonsense. It typically includes the couple’s names, date, and location of the wedding, followed by the order of events. That might be the processional, officiant’s welcome, exchange of vows, ring ceremony, unity ceremony, pronouncement of marriage, and recessional. A list of the wedding party and a ‘Thank You’ note to guests rounds it off.

hand holding a traditional wedding program

Printable Traditional Wedding Program Template

Add a touch of elegance to your wedding with this digital wedding program template. Enhanced with a graceful handwritten font in a classic black and white script, this program sets the perfect tone for your special day.

Green Wedding Program

Eco-friendly wedding? Your program can reflect your sustainable ethos. Think programs printed on recycled paper or seed paper (that guests can plant afterwards!). You could also include a note explaining your choice, encouraging guests to join your green mission.

wooden wedding program sign display

Wooden Wedding Program Sign

Eliminate printing your wedding programs in bulk and and instead opt for a wooden sign that you can display in your home afterwards.

Interactive Wedding Program

Who said programs had to be boring? Liven up the wait with an interactive program. Consider a program turned coloring book for the little guests or a program that doubles as a game sheet (crossword puzzle, anyone?).

interactive wedding program

Word Search Wedding Program

Entertain your littlest and biggest guests with this infographic wedding program. Share your important details along with fun Mad Libs’ style games, a word search, and other interactive wedding questions.

Storytelling Wedding Program

Want to share how you two met? Go for wedding program that shares your story. Alongside the ceremony details, weave in your tale—from the day you met to the proposal and everything in between. It’ll be a page-turner guests will cherish.

infographic wedding program

Infographic Wedding Program

Add fun facts about how the two of you met on this editable program template. Plus, include a QR code so guests can add photos directly to your photo album.

Digital Wedding Program:

Welcome to the 21st century, where weddings go digital. Create a wedding website or app with all the program details. It’s eco-friendly, interactive, and can be updated in real-time. Plus, you can include photos, videos, and even a guestbook for guests to sign digitally.

best wedding websites

We Review the Best Wedding Websites

Who has the best wedding website creator? We reviewed the top ones from Zola, Joy, The Knot and more to see which one is the best.

Multicultural Wedding Program

Hosting a multicultural wedding? Consider a program that celebrates your unique blend of traditions. In addition to the usual details, this might include explanations of customs or rituals. For instance, an Indian wedding program might explain the meaning of rituals like ‘Jaimala’ (exchange of garlands) or ‘Saat Pheras’ (seven rounds around the fire). It’s a fab way to make guests feel involved and educated about your customs.

hindu ceremony program

Editable Hindu Ceremony Program

Customize your Hindu ceremony with this browser-editable program template, allowing personal text edits and image switches. 

Photo-filled Wedding Program:

A picture speaks a thousand words, so why not let them do the talking? Create a program brimming with photos—from your engagement shoot, travels, or snapshots of the wedding party and even your grandparents. It’s a visual treat that doubles as a keepsake.

wedding magazine program

Wedding Magazine Program

Wow guests with your own personal wedding magazine! You can include your ceremony details, bridal party info, as well as other important details for your wedding weekend. It can also be used as a wedding invitation suite!

Wedding Program Fans

Planning a summer wedding? Combine function and style with wedding program fans. Your guests can keep cool while staying clued in on the ceremony details—a win-win.

wedding program fan

Modern Calligraphy Program Fan

Etsy has lots of great wedding program fan options that either come fully assembled or as a template, like this one from the Marry Me Paper Boutique.

Wedding Program Examples We Love

Ready to find the perfect program? These wedding program examples all offer something unique for your special day! Not using wedding programs? These could also work for your wedding invitations as well!

Picture Perfect

Walk your guests through the entire event with a cute and frame-able wedding program that guests won’t want to throw away. It’s also a great way to introduce them to your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Nuts for Each Other

Fill these wedding program bags with confetti, petals, candy, peanuts, or anything else that fits your wedding theme.

wedding program popcorn

Reel Love

Another way to combine a snack and your wedding program! This wedding program design would be especially cute if you got married in an old theatre. You could even have your ushers pass them out.

wedding scavenger hunt social media

Treasure Hunt

You should definitely put your wedding hashtag on your wedding program if you’re using one. But why not take it a step further and create a fun visual scavenger hunt for guests while you’re at it?

wedding program examples

Tear Catcher

A classic wedding program that doubles as a wedding favor? We’ll take it! This wedding program handkerchief will help dry guests’ eyes after hearing your sweet wedding vows!

wedding program examples

Love Story

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Treat guests to a dose of good news with a newspaper wedding program. You can use it to introduce family members, ring bearers, even the opening prayer if having.

More Fun Wedding Program Examples and Ideas

Getting married outside? You can use popsicle sticks or fan handles that attach to your wedding program for an instant fan that guests can keep cool with.

cootie catcher wedding program

Let guests have a little fun with a cootie-catcher wedding program.

wedding program examples

Fold your wedding programs into paper planes for a fun and unexpected touch.

wedding program examples

Keep the design simple and the text funny! Via Offbeat Wed.

Short and to the point= my kind of wedding program. Photo via Becker Photographer

Short and to the point= my kind of wedding program.

Wedding programs are like a glimpse into your love story, your style, your big day. They’re a small detail that can make a big impact. So, whether you stick to tradition or break the mold, ensure your program resonates with you. After all, this day is about celebrating your unique love story. And that story is worth telling well.

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