Make Sure Your Wedding Website Has These 8 Things

When it comes to wedding websites, the most important thing is making sure the information is all there for guests. From the who, what, and where to everything in between, you want a wedding website that is super easy to discover and even easier to navigate. Which is why we’re pretty stoked about Basic Invite’s new suite of FREE wedding websites. But with so many wedding websites to choose from, what’s making Basic Invite stand out? Here’s a few of our favorite tools that we think every wedding website should have:

1. Easy Address Collection

Addressing is a breeze with this free service that creates perfect wedding envelopes instantly. With a handy tool that asks guests to input their addresses, all of this information is then aggregated for you in one easy place. No more mass texts, copy pasting and reformatting! You basically just added hours back to your life.

2. Digital RSVP Service

Another thing we REALLY love is their digital RSVP service. You can easily collect guest responses and meal choices and create place cards right from your Basic Invite wedding website. You can also add fun questions like “What song do you want us to play at the reception?” so you can include all (ok, maybe just some) of your guests’ favorite songs during the wedding.

3. Matching Website & Invitation Designs

Basic Invite offers some of our favorite wedding invitation designs, and now you can easily match your wedding invitation suite to your Basic Invite wedding website. We love that everything is all in one place, and a gorgeous one at that!

4. Easy-to-Use Maps

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve misplaced a wedding invitation and had to go frantically search for a venues address. Basic Invite’s wedding websites will integrate with Google maps to make sure all of the wedding locations are aggregated in one, easy-to-find place. Which means you’ll have guests that are relaxed AND on-time.

5. Registry Linking

If you’re registered at several different stores (guilty), we know how confusing it can be for guests to navigate. This handy section will let you keep them all organized in one place so guests won’t have to call your mom and ask her for the 10th time where you’re registered.

6. Private Photo Gallery

Guests will love seeing your favorite photos from the first time you met all the way up to your engagement. By adding your photos to the private photo gallery on your wedding website, guests can now enjoy looking at all of your special moments together, no matter how sappy they are. (The cornier the better, we say!!).

7. Sharing Your Love Story

While guests may know tidbits of your relationship and how you two met, they might not know the full story. Which is why we love when couples take the time to write their love story in a thoughtful (and sometimes funny) way on their wedding website. After all, it gives guests some background on how you got to this special day in the first place.

8. Customizable Templates

So many wedding websites don’t allow you to manipulate the features like you’d want to. With Basic Invite’s one-of-a-kind wedding websites, you’re able to customize each design in any of the 180+ colors from Basic Invite’s palette…that’s a LOT of options!

It can be difficult to find a free wedding website that offers truly customizable designs with the functionality you need, but Basic Invite has created a tool that gives you everything you want without all the filler. Just gorgeous designs and a place for guests to get all your wedding information in one, simple place. Problem solved!

Read to start? Sign up for a free Basic Invite website here!

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