10 Boho Wedding Invitations We Love

boho wedding invitations
Boho wedding invites via Minted

Boho weddings (and in particular, boho wedding invitations) have been on-trend for as long as we can remember, and there’s good reason why!

The term “Boho”—which can refer to a creative, artistic way of life or a fashion aesthetic (think flowy prints and layered fabrics and beads)—is easy to create a wedding theme around.

First, the color palette is super flexible. From burgundy to blush, any jewel tone or pastel can work. Even black would be at home in a boho wedding!

And let’s not forget the decor. Feathers, wildflowers, eucalyptus and other greenery can all add a whimsical touch to your big day. (Especially if you wear them all at once with a flower crown!).

But one of the best ways to introduce your guests to a boho wedding vibe is through your wedding stationery. And thankfully, bohemian wedding invitations are some of our favorites.

How to Choose the Right Boho Wedding Invitations

The first rule when shopping for any chic wedding invitations is to keep your budget in mind. Once you’ve narrowed down your guest list, you’ll want to figure out how much you can spend on invites. Generally speaking, you should spend 2%-5% of your wedding budget on invites and wedding stationery.

From there, you’ll want to have a general sense of your wedding theme and color palette. You should have your venue and date by the time you send out your invites, which will give you an idea of the colors you might want to incorporate.

For instance, if you’re getting married in the summer, you might look for boho wedding invitations with terracotta or navy. Or, you could opt for an unbeatable print in the color of your choice. That print could be carried throughout the day on your wedding programs and place cards. Alternatively, don’t discount a simple invitation with calligraphy. A modern boho wedding invite doesn’t have to have a lot of flourishes to stand out!

Where to Find Boho Wedding Invitations

While there are several Etsy sellers we recommend, the majority of boho wedding invites we love are from independent designers on Minted. It’s hard to beat their designs and paper quality, as well as the ability to match your invites to all your wedding day stationery. You can even get a matching wedding website.

Below are a few of the designs that are on our radar. If you do shop them, don’t forget to use the code WGM20 to get 20% off your order for a limited time!

leaves boho wedding invitation

‘Royalty’ by Jen Owens

Featuring a foil-press design, this gilded look could work for a rustic wedding invitation vibe, or a “royal” black tie affair.

black and gold boho wedding invitation

‘The Mill Park’ by Phrosne Ras

Who says black can’t be boho? Featuring gold particles pressed into paper, this simple yet chic design is beautifully modern.

fall boho wedding invitation

‘Fall Flurry’ by Grace Kreinbrink

Available in over 8 color themes, this boho wedding invitation works well for fall weddings, or really any season!

watercolor boho wedding invitation

‘Watercolor Azulejo’ by Anastasia Makarova

Featuring a hand-drawn watercolor background, we envision this for a romantic boho wedding set at home or abroad.

feather boho wedding invitation

‘Palm Springs’ by Elly

With gold palm leaves and a boho combination of fonts, this design is the perfect match for a tropical wedding.

blue boho wedding invitation

‘Block Print Frame’ by Katharine Watson

Using an original block printed frame, this unique wedding invitation design is available in fern, granite, sage, navy, and wine. You can also choose your own custom colors with Minted, which is free with any purchase.

agate boho wedding invitation

‘Gilt Agate’ by Kaydi Bishop

Bring out your earthy side with this gold-pressed agate boho wedding invitation.

vintage boho wedding invitation

‘Timeless’ by Jen Owens

Another fave by designer Jen Owens, we love the wedding details featured within the invitation’s flourishes.

arch boho wedding invitation

‘Triangle Arch’ by Cass Loh

This modern triangle arch design could be replicated for your actual wedding ceremony! Just show it to your floral designer for inspiration.

letterpress boho wedding invitation

‘Taj’ by Kanika Mathur

We’re a sucker for luxe letterpress, which is why we think this design should definitely be on your list.

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