Why You Should Seriously Consider All in One Wedding Invitations

all in one wedding invitations
All-in-one wedding invitation via Minted

Wedding planning is often overwhelming. Actually, it can be downright difficult, even for the most motivated, energetic multitaskers among us. So any opportunity to check a few things off to-do list at once should be embraced, right? That’s where all-in-one wedding invitations come in!

But what are they, exactly?

All-in-one wedding invitations are multi-tasking, smart wedding stationary options that contain the invitation, guest-addressed envelope and pre-addressed RSVP card folded up beautifully with a seal. All you have to do is stamp them and drop in the mail. They eliminate the need for guesswork and the likelihood of RSVPs being lost. Plus, with endless design options, they are effortlessly chic and can be customized to fit any wedding theme.

Need even more reasons to consider all in one wedding invitations? Here’s why we think they’re the next best thing since sliced bread (if bread were, you know, wedding invites), as well as our favorite designs for your big day!

They are Super User Friendly (and Help Eliminate RSVP Stragglers)

In today’s world, we get a crazy amount of emails and DMs and sometimes we’re, ahem, guilty of not checking our physical mailbox every day (or is that just us?!). And when we do open the mail, it’s super easy to set things aside for later and forget about them.

All-in-one wedding invitations basically eliminate this problem. The beautiful designs from Minted come with an attached, perforated RSVP postcard that’s already addressed and ready to be dropped in the mail. This eliminates any “work” that your guests may have to do, and all but ensures their RSVP come back to you in a timely manner.  After all, constantly having to remind friends, family, and co-workers to RSVP with awkward texts is definitely not fun (or a good use of your precious pre-wedding time).

All in One Wedding Invitations Can Help Save Your Budget

Rule #1 of wedding planning: Stick to your wedding budget. And with an all-in-one wedding invitation suite, you can save several hundred dollars on wedding invitations alone. Rather than having to pay for a separate RSVP card and envelope, all-in-one invitations help you save money by putting it all in one convenient package. Guests just have to tear off the RSVP section and they’re done!

For example, we priced out 100 standard 5×7 invites on Minted with RSVP cards. Those came to around $400 before tax and shipping. We then priced 100 of Minted’s all-in-one wedding invitations, and the cost was around $165. That’s a huge savings!

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They are Super Unique

Don’t worry! If you opt for an all-in-one wedding invitation design, you don’t have to miss out on any of the gorgeous, personalized design elements, especially if you go with a site like Minted. Several of their traditional invitation designs also come in high quality all-in-one options, which means you can always find a unique design that fits your style.

And because all-in-one wedding invitations are still relatively new, we’re pretty sure your guests won’t be thinking “They saved money,” but rather, “These are so cool! They have great taste!”

Below are a few of our favorite all-in-one wedding invitation options from Minted. Whether you’re looking for simplicity or something more over the top with a foil stamp, let us know which one you would choose!

all in one wedding invitations

Garden Stroll Suite

We love the beautifully simple floral design and double-sided rsvp card in the Garden Stroll suite, with romantic and pretty painterly blooms that are perfect for an outdoor, garden or spring wedding. 

all in one wedding invitations

Always Suite

A simple and beautiful design suite, Always by Susan Brown features all of our favorite elements with a pop of color.

all in one wedding invitations

Helena Suite

With the Helena suite, you can put a gorgeous engagement photo to great use by showcasing your favorite image on the interior top fold of the invitation. You can further personalize it by selecting one of eight color themes, including neutral stone and classic quartz. 

all in one wedding invitations

Over Monogram Suite

Another one of our favorite All-in-One design options is the Over Monogram by designer Jessica Williams.  Featuring a custom monogram, the invitation has gorgeous real foil in eight different color options — including romantic, shimmery rose gold. Since foil can be more expensive, you can also select a standard cover ( with a soft cotton texture ) or a value cover ( bright white and smooth to the touch) for extra cost savings, too!

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