Which wedding events should you use digital invites for?

digital invite
Digital invite via Minted

If we’re being totally honest, the idea of using a digital invite for ANYTHING wedding related was sort of taboo 10 years ago. In fact, I remember getting a digital wedding invite from a friend who got married shortly before we did in 2010 and thinking, “I would NEVER do that for our wedding.” 

Fast forward more than a decade, and I actually would send digital invites (also known as evites) for certain events. Especially after two years of watching couples having to scramble with wedding date or venue changes. 

While I still don’t think I would send one for the actual wedding (unless it was a change the date or second wedding invite due to unforeseen circumstances) there are a handful of wedding-related events that digital invites work perfectly for. 

What’s the Benefit of Digital Invites?

For one, digital invites can save you hundreds of dollars. Aside from the cost of the invite, there’s the envelope and return addressing (whether you use a calligrapher, address stamp, or pay extra via your invitation retailer). You also have to factor in postage cost, which is currently $0.58 for a 1 oz. letter. Typically, wedding invites need at least two to be safe. 

There’s also the time involved. Not only to get them made and shipped to you, but to assemble, address, and mail them out. If you’re scrambling because the wedding venue of your dreams just had a cancellation, those precious few weeks could be the difference between getting your wedding invites out on time or not.

Where to Find Digital Invites

There are several companies that offer digital invites. However, the key is to find one that can match your evites with your other wedding stationery and even your website.

Minted recently introduced free digital invites that coordinate with a wide range of their other wedding products. For instance, you can now match your evite with your Minted Save the Date, wedding invites, and website. You can also add photos and polls to personalize them!

Their guest management tool will make it easy for you to track RSVPs. You can also use it for every single invite you send through Minted, digital or printed. And the fact that their evites are optimized for mobile means it will be just as beautiful on a guest’s phone as it is on their desktop. You can preview their digital invitation experience here.

wedding address collection

Collect guest addresses with this free tool from Minted

So, Which Events Should You Use Digital Invites For?

While you can absolutely send them for your wedding invites or Save the Dates, if you’re a traditionalist like me you might consider other events they could work well for. Here are our suggestions, below:

Engagement Party:

Celebrate the big news with a digital invite to your engagement party. Since most couples do not throw their own, if you find an invitation design you like, you can always send it as a suggestion to whoever is throwing the party for you.

digital invites
Engagement party evite via Minted

Rehearsal Dinner:

While my in-laws were kind enough to throw our rehearsal dinner, I thought it would be easier to send the invites myself. In hindsight I wish we had sent digital invites for this!

Bachelorette Party:

Your Maid of Honor will likely coordinate your bachelorette party for you, but just like the engagement party, suggestions are always welcome if you want to keep a cohesive invitation theme.

digital invite for bachelorette party
Bachelorette evite via Minted

Bridal Shower:

This is a perfect event for an evite, especially if you’re going to include a Zoom link for virtual attendees, which is much more common now. No matter who is throwing your bridal shower, you can talk to them about the theme as well as invitation options. You might even want to let them know that you’re totally on board with a digital invite.

Ready to look for digital invites? Check out Minted’s selection here!

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