10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Concierge

minted wedding concierge
Micaela is one of Minted’s wedding concierges.

There are a lot of free services out there for couples planning their wedding, but it can be hard to know about them all! One of my favorite perks that I love to tell couples about is offered by the stationery company, Minted. It’s their wedding concierge service, and like a great hotel concierge, they are there to help inform you AND make your experience as painless and fun as possible.

If aren’t familiar with Minted, you definitely should be. While we work with a lot of wedding stationery partners, they continue to be my top recommendation to couples for wedding invitations. Not only do they focus on quality paper and designs from independent artists, but they offer free wedding websites, custom designs, and day-of essentials (like wedding signs, programs, and menus) that you can match for a cohesive wedding theme. Combine that with their wedding concierge service, and they’re making it easier than ever to streamline your wedding planning experience.

So, how does their wedding concierge service work? First, you choose your appointment type. Minted currently offers two types of concierge services: One complimentary and one for $49.

minted wedding concierge

Schedule Your Minted Wedding Concierge Appointment Today

Find the perfect design, ask about the customization process, and more.

If you choose the complimentary appointment, you’ll meet 1:1 with a dedicated wedding concierge over Zoom to go over your wedding stationery options, how the customization process works, and any other questions you might have. Prior to the appointment, you’ll fill out a brief questionnaire as well as send over any inspiration you might have for your wedding stationery (such as a mood board) and any wedding details you have so far (like your venue type).

The other option is their premium wedding website service for $49. During this live working session, a dedicated Minted wedding concierge will walk you through the process of building your website, and begin uploading information for you. During the appointment (which also includes a complimentary upgrade to a custom website url, a $15 value), your concierge will also provide tips on how to make your website unique.

Deal of the Day: Get 50% off the premium Minted Concierge service (which includes a custom website url) with the code CONCIERGE50.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Concierge

Depending on the type of wedding concierge appointment you book, you’ll want to come ready with any questions you might have for them. We’ve included questions we would ask during our own appointment, below. Feel free to add these along with any additional ones you want to ask.

WGM Says: If you don’t have a Pinterest mood board set up already, try to create one before you book your appointment so your concierge has a sense of what you love.

1. What wedding products does Minted offer?

While we know Minted offers wedding invitations and Save the Dates, they have a slew of other products such as menus, programs, favor tags, and more. Your wedding concierge will be able to give you a birds-eye view of what they offer, as well as help you focus on what you actually need.

2. How do I pick the right design?

Your wedding invitation is the first preview wedding guests have to your big day, so you want to set the tone. Your Minted concierge will be able to help steer you towards designs that will work with your venue, as well as any inspiration you sent them prior to your appointment.

Shop all Minted wedding invitations here.

WGM Says: Looking for custom artwork? You’ll want to book a Custom Design appointment instead, where you can meet a Minted designer to create custom maps, venue illustrations, watercolor designs and complete invitation suites.

3. What’s the difference between printing types?

First, I highly suggest ordering a free Minted sample kit so you can see all the printing and paper types they offer as well as colors. However, it also helps to hear from an expert what the difference actually is between foil-press, gloss-press, letterpress, flat, and the other printing types they offer.

4 What’s the best paper type for my budget?

The same goes for paper types. Minted offers a really great selection of paper types such as doublethick, premium 100% recycled paper, pearlescent, signature, and smooth signature. These each have their own price differences, so if you have a budget in mind it helps to talk to your wedding concierge about what the best fit for your budget and preference would be.

5. Should all my wedding stationery match?

While this is definitely a personal choice, I like hearing from stationery experts about what they recommend, including how to mix designs that might complement one another.

6. How do I customize a wedding invitation?

Once you find a design you love, Minted offers a slew of customization options. From changing the color and layout to picking an envelope style (with free guest addressing!), your Minted concierge can walk you through the process and share their tips for effectively designing an invitation.

a minted wedding concierge

Get Customization Help with a Minted Concierge (Like Glenda!)

Glenda is part of the wedding concierge team at Minted. Her current favorite design? Delicate Florals by Baumbirdy.

7. What information should my wedding website include? *

For those booking the premium concierge service, you’ll get to work with your concierge to create and update your website. During this session you’ll want to determine what your site should include that will be the most helpful (and entertaining!) for guests. To start, browse the Minted designs here.

*Best for premium concierge appointments.

8. Where should I share my website url?

This is a great question to ask for either appointment types. While your url should typically go on the back of your invitation or Save the Date, it’s also an option to put it on a separate insert, which your concierge can help talk you through.

9. How do I notify guests of any website changes? *

Minted makes it easy to communicate with guests using their universal guest list manager. Once you have your guest’s information uploaded, you’ll want to ask what is the best way to keep them informed of any important changes to your event?

10. What if I have questions after my appointment?

Your Minted concierge will be able to give you a plan of action after your appointment if you have any questions, as well as next steps for your wedding invitation timeline.

Get 50% off your premium Minted Concierge service (which includes a custom website url) with the code CONCIERGE50.

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