9 Maid of Honor Duties You Won’t Want to Forget

maid of honor duties
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So you’re the Maid of Honor?! Lucky you! Yes, this means taking on a ton of responsibility for the bride’s wedding day, but it also means she truly values your relationship and wants you there every step of the way. So what exactly does being the MOH mean? We’ve tackled that question for you and prepared a handy list of all of the major Maid of Honor duties, below. Follow this and you’ll be a first-class Maid of Honor.

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1. Be the Leader

Being appointed MOH means you’re basically the leader of all bridesmaids. This means you’re taking the lead on all the plans – from the dress appointments to the bachelorette party. And you’re pretty much in charge of all those secretive email chains (imperative to any planning process). Just remember to listen to all of the bridesmaids when they express concerns, so that no one is truly unhappy being a bridesmaid – like wearing a bridesmaid dress they hate.

2. Support Her During Dress Shopping

Speaking of dresses – the bride may opt to have her bridal party accompany her (or perhaps just her MOH) to salon appointments as she searches for her perfect dress. This is where you come prepared with honesty (but not too honest). Also, bring some tissues. You’ll likely need them. Once she chooses the dress, make sure to find out if you will you be bustling her dress after the ceremony. The salon will need to show you how, as every bustle is different depending on the dress.

3. Assist with Planning the Shower

Though tradition mainly has the bride’s mother or mother-in-law throwing the bridal shower, the Maid of Honor duties here include helping the host with whatever she may need. You’ll be the right-hand-woman for invitations, décor, and games. And since you’re super-close to the bride, you’ll know what she’ll love.

4. Take Charge of Planning the Bachelorette Party

Being the MOH also means you’re in charge of planning the bachelorette party. Just remember, this is the bride’s party – not yours. That being said, we suggest choosing a location that really fits the bride’s personality. If she’s low-key, opt for a spa weekend, or if she’s all about that last rage, skip out of town to a city like Miami or New York. In any case, just make sure you’re being fair to all bridesmaids regarding cost and location. You don’t want to make the girls stretch themselves thin trying to pay for the party. WGM Note: The bridesmaids usually cover the cost of the bride’s trip. Lavish expenditures are still her responsibility, however.

5. Be Her Right-Hand Woman

From DIY projects like crafting wedding favors or stuffing welcome bags for guests, she’ll undoubtedly call you when she needs an extra hand. This also includes emotional support, like keeping her sane when it’s all about to get to be too much. Our secret? Always have a bottle of wine at-the-ready.

6. Be There for All Her Pre-Wedding Needs

From packing for the weekend’s events (a handy checklist of necessary items is key) or the honeymoon, the bride might be a little scatterbrained. It’ll likely be a hectic few days for her, and this is your time to shine. Be there to help her with packing if she needs it, and you should also take this opportunity to discuss any other needs for the reception. For example, is she preserving her wedding bouquet? Are you in charge of taking her bouquet to the florist to get it freeze dried? If there are any other personal requests from the bride, you should discuss them now so you don’t need to bother her with these questions at the reception.

7. Be the Reception MVP

Your wedding day Maid of Honor duties include things like managing the getting ready process to make sure all bridesmaids are on time for wedding pictures. You’ll also be in charge of holding the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony. Someone in need of a snack during photos? You’re their girl. Bride need help holding her wedding dress when she inevitably has to use the restroom? Yep, that’s you too. You’re quite invaluable, MOH.

8. Make a Stellar Speech

Even if you’re seriously afraid of public speaking, you’ve got to shove it all aside for your bride. One of your Maid of Honor duties is to give a seriously awesome speech at the wedding reception. Whether you’re sentimental, funny, or sweet…just be you and reflect on your amazing friend and her awesome partner for life.

9. Help as the Party Unwinds

As the party eventually ends and the bride’s on the dance floor not quite ready to go home, it’s time for you to close out the party. You’ll make sure there are no gifts left in the bridal suite, that everyone’s belongings have made it home with them and that all the loose ends are tied up. Though this doesn’t only fall on your shoulders, it’ll be nice for the bride’s parents and in-laws to have an extra hand should they need it.

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