How Many Wedding Guests is Too Many?

how many wedding guests
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Q: We are currently working on our guest list and it feels like it’s getting a little out of control with 165 guests and growing! How many guests is too many?- Jessica

A: A new study shows that the average wedding has 124 guests. With the typical cost for the ceremony/reception only ringing in around $27,000. But the correct number of wedding guests for YOU will depend on three things: your budget, your venue, and the type of wedding you want.

Your budget is, of course, the #1 factor to consider

You know the saying mo’ money, mo’ problems? Well, mo’ wedding guests, mo’ money. A lot of wedding venues we review have an average per person catering cost of $125/pp for a plated meal plus full bar. You don’t need a calculator to know that you’ll save a bunch if you have 70 guests vs. 165 at that price.

Plus, when it comes to wedding venues, a lot of our favorites have size limits of 110 or less. Once you get above the 150 mark you’ll be looking at larger venues which might not be as intimate as you want them to feel, which brings us to our last point…

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What TYPE of wedding do you want?

Is your dream wedding a dinner party at your favorite restaurant? You’ll want to keep your wedding guest list below 75. If you’re dreaming of a great big barn wedding with lots of people dancing, the more the merrier!

The number of wedding guests you want to invite will depend on all these factors. Personally, I’m a fan of weddings around 125 people. They’re small enough to feel like you can talk to everybody there. Yet they’re big enough that you can fill a dance floor. But everybody’s magic number is different! Just try to figure out what feels best for YOU and your future spouse. 🙂

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