Do We Feed All Our Wedding Vendors?

Wedding vendor meals
Photo by Debbie Neff Photography

Q: Just when I thought we had finalized our wedding budget, our venue asked us about “vendor meals.” I never knew about this! Do we feed ALL of our wedding vendors? And how much should it cost?- Jenifer

A: Short answer? Yes! For the most part, you can plan on having to feed your photographer, DJ, band members, videographer, and wedding planner what are referred to as “vendor meals.” These are specific meals that your wedding venue or caterer will prepare for your vendors so they can eat on their break or in between sets. The cost of these meals will typically be less than half what your per person food cost will be, and will obviously not include alcohol (your vendors are working, after all). For example, at my wedding our per person food cost was around $80, and our vendor meals were about $30/each. Be sure to clarify with your venue or caterer how much the vendor meals will be BEFORE you sign your contract.

Keep in mind that vendors such as your hair/makeup artist or ceremony musicians would most likely NOT need vendor meals as they typically leave before the reception starts. So just plan on providing meals to the vendors who are there throughout the reception.

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