Should You Sleep Alone or Together the Night Before Your Wedding?


Q: My fiancé and I already live together and, um, we won’t be doing anything we haven’t done before on our wedding night. Is it weird to spend the night before the wedding apart?- Sheila

A: I definitely don’t think it’s weird to spend the night before the wedding in your own room…in fact, I HIGHLY recommend it! Yes, it might not have any real meaning behind it considering so many of us live together before getting married, but I personally think it’s a fun tradition that sort of adds to the excitement of your big day.

My husband and I got married out of town so we both had our own hotel rooms for two nights before the wedding, actually. I have to say it was nice to come back after the rehearsal dinner and sort of decompress alone. I took the time to get everything prepped for the next day, then curled up under the covers and watched the only movie that was on (which happened to be Runaway Bride, which I thought was hilariously ironic…not that I was going to run away, but a teensy part of me was like “Is this a sign?!” LOL). In the morning I took a super long shower and spent extra time doing what I like to do when I have the bathroom to myself….like over-moisturize or pluck my eyebrows without being rushed or worried that I was hogging the bathroom. Then my bridesmaids came over with a yummy lunch and my hair and makeup started. It was kind of awesome. My now-husband did his own version of this, hanging out with the groomsmen and relaxing. It was great for the both of us, and when we saw each other for our “first look” it seemed extra special.

Now if the thought of spending that pre-wedding night apart makes you bummed, then definitely don’t do it! It should really be about what you both want to do. Just know that there’s nothing “weird” about it either way!


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