Where to Find Custom Sunglasses for Your Wedding

A fun wedding favor for guests at a destination beach wedding or outside ceremony is a pair of custom sunglasses. Not only will guests who forgot theirs (or are looking for a pair they won’t be super upset about losing during a party) be happy, but they could possibly end up saving you money if you had custom sunglasses pull double duty as both a wedding favor and escort card.

Dog Wears Sunglasses

We went searching for cheap custom sunglasses for your wedding and came up with the resources, below. If you do end up using these for your wedding ceremony, don’t forget the fun sign (above) that goes with them (which can be found on Etsy or you can just DIY one yourself using Microsoft Word and a printer that says “Don’t be blinded by our love. Please take some shades” and put it in a cute dollar-store frame). Fun Idea: If you don’t use these at your wedding ceremony or reception, they’re also a great thing to add to your Welcome Bags.

Sunglasses for wedding
QualityLogoProducts, 150 for $144
Wedding Party Sunglasses Pink
Sunglassville, 100 for $115
Wedding Party Sunglasses Orange
4ImprintUSA, 144 for $208
Etsy Wedding Party Sunglasses Blue Pink
via CustomMuggin, $7
Wedding Sunglasses Yellow Green
via TianYanxia, $19 for 6 pairs

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