How Much Wedding Jewelry Should I Wear?

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Q: I’m wearing a pretty simple strapless wedding gown but am not sure how much wedding jewelry I should wear with it? How much is too much?- Ainslie

A: If you’re my mom, it’s never enough! LOL. But no, even my mother (who adores fun necklaces and bracelets, vs. me who almost NEVER wears jewelry) knows there is a thing as TOO MUCH when it comes to your wedding day jewelry.

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But the good news is if you love jewelry, you picked the right wedding dress because you have so many options when you go with a strapless gown. Here’s a couple factors to keep in mind when deciding what type and how much wedding jewelry to wear:

What’s your neckline/style like?

If your strapless wedding gown has a beaded bodice, opt for drop-down earrings vs. a statement necklace. If you have a simpler gown like you say yours is, take it up a notch and pair it with a gorgeous necklace that really stands out. You can also pair it with a bold cuff/bracelet.

What’s your wedding hairstyle?

If you’re wearing your hair down, a pair of simple stud earrings can’t be beat. If you’re wearing your hair up, you could go for bold drop-down earrings and a simpler necklace (think diamond solitaire).


Other accessories that can really transform a wedding dress are:

  • A color or beaded sash/belt
  • A bolero jacket to wear during the ceremony and take off for the reception
  • A faux fur stole in the winter is always amazing.
  • Fabulous and bright wedding shoes

The key when it comes to wedding jewelry and accessories is to not let anything be the sole focus of the show. It should all work together to highlight you…the beautiful bride!

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