This is What Couples Are Spending the Most Money On For Their Wedding

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While the average cost of weddings have steadily gone up over the past several years, a new survey from The Knot shows that 2017 had a few surprises up it’s wedding dress sleeve (because, you know, wedding dresses with sleeves are totally in right now).

According to over 13,000 couples who got married last year, the average cost of a wedding in 2017 was $33,391, which is down from $35,329 in 2016. So why is it cheaper?

Well, there’s a few reasons. First, couples are looking to have less formal weddings. Black tie? Nope, not so much. They’re also booking wedding venues that are non-traditional (and probably less expensive) such as barns, museums, and parks.

And even though couples are spending MORE money per guest ($268/each), they are actually inviting less people. Which means they get to really do it up without going over-budget (something we love).

There are also couples who are spending more than $60,000 on their wedding. Couples who fall into that category (which this study refers to as “high spenders”) are spending an average of $105,130 on their wedding day.

Want to see where it’s all going? Here’s a wedding cost breakdown of how the average spend is adding up. Note that the second (higher) number is the average couples in the “high spenders” category mentioned above are spending. Where do you fall on this list?

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Overall Wedding (with ring, excluding honeymoon)

  • $33,391
  • $105,130

Venue (reception hall)

  • $15,163
  • $42,801


  • $2,630
  • $5,130

Wedding/Event Planner

  • $1,988
  • $3,775

Reception Band

  • $4,019
  • $7,145

Reception DJ

  • $1,231
  • $2,300


  • $2,379
  • $6,050


  • $1,912
  • $3,214

Wedding Dress

  • $1,509
  • $3,158

Groom’s Attire and Accessories

  • $286
  • $463

Wedding Cake

  • $540
  • $1,097

Ceremony Site

  • $2,311
  • $2,966

Ceremony Musicians

  • $761
  • $1,249


  • $408
  • $1,098

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  • $830
  • $1,388


  • $252
  • $488

Rehearsal Dinner

  • $1,285
  • $3,197

Engagement Ring

  • $5,764
  • $13,933

Catering (price per person)

  • $70
  • $154


  • $284
  • $491

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