We Tried A Leesa Mattress and This is What Happened

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You know that feeling when you lay down in your bed at night and find yourself letting out an awesome sigh because you’re in your happy place? Is there anything better? Your bed should be a place that you’re excited to crawl into…and almost never want to leave. ESPECIALLY when you’re planning a wedding and have a million and one to-dos on your checklist!

My husband and I recently ordered a Leesa mattress to try out and we’re so happy we did! We were really impressed by how easy the ordering process was, how quickly it shipped, the neat packaging and the overall quality of the product. It’s also SUPER comfortable, which at the end of the day is what we’re all looking for, right? Here’s how our process worked, from start to finish. Note: It’s REALLY easy.

Step 1: The Order

The Leesa website makes ordering your mattress as painless as possible, and it only takes a few minutes. You just choose your size (we ordered a queen), and your cover (we chose the classic gray Leesa cover), then add it to your cart and checkout. If only finding a wedding venue was that easy!

Step 2: Shipment & Delivery

The order processing and shipping was also crazy quick. It only took 9 days from when we placed our order to when we received the mattress, and shipping was free!

Our new mattress arrived in a 74-pound box that was surprisingly compact for a queen-size mattress. Albeit a bit heavy, it totally surpassed any other mattress delivery situation, and there were no expensive fees OR delivery windows (ugh!). This baby comes via UPS in just a few business days.

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Step 3: Unpacking and set-up

Since Leesa boasts really simple packaging and an easy set-up process, we were excited to see just HOW it was going to work. We brought the mattress upstairs (it’s definitely a two-person job), and placed it in the room where we were going to use it. We unpacked the mattress and set it on the bed frame and let the memory foam do its thing. Five minutes later, it was ready. We expected the unpacking process to be quick, but this was otherworldly. It definitely gets an A+ for this process, which was not cumbersome at all. In fact, nothing about it was.

Step 4: Counting sheep

The best thing about Leesa is its’ high-performance memory foam. It’s universally adaptable, and, by some holy magic, manages to satisfy both those who prefer a softer mattress AND those who prefer something a little firmer. The way it’s built also means you won’t wake your significant other up if you’re tossing and turning or one of you wakes up earlier than the other (well, minus other noises). It’s like the unicorn of mattresses…a cost-efficient (Leesa starts at only $525), sleep-friendly, mattress unicorn. As soon as we tried it out, I literally wanted to snuggle up and go to sleep for the night. But it was only 3 p.m. so that might have been a little aggressive.

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The other great thing about Leesa is that they offer a 100-night risk-free trial (with free return shipping as well) so you can test it out and make sure it’s perfect for you and your partner. A lot of times it’s hard to know how you feel about a mattress until you’ve given it at least a few weeks, so it’s great to have that option. Personally, we’re looking forward to MANY more dreamy nights in our new Leesa.

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