This Is the #1 Thing You Should Buy When You Move In With Each Other

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When my husband and I first registered, I’ll admit, I was overwhelmed. From picture frames, dishes and everything in between, we had NO idea what to register for. In hindsight, it would have totally helped if we looked ahead and focused not only on things like pots and pans, but larger items like our honeymoon experience, couch, TV, and mattress. These are milestone purchases that are often glossed over as couples choose to register for things like, well, serveware. While we love our ceramic dish for serving roasted chicken as much as the next person, registering for a mattress that we desperately needed would have made a lot more sense. After all, you use it EVERY NIGHT, which is 1/3 of your life and more than I can say for most of our registry items gathering dust on our shelves. Here’s why you should get that new mattress now:

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Ditch That Bachelor Mattress

Chances are the first mattress you bought or were given as a single person has seen better days (or was never that great to begin with). And let’s be honest…that mattress your soon-to-be hubby had as a bachelor? You could CSI that thing and still not figure out what happened to it. Getting married is the perfect time for a fresh start, whether you both invest in it or you get your friends and family to help out by adding it to your wedding registry! We’re big fans of the Leesa mattress, not only because it’s designed for the way couples sleep with what they call a Universal Adaptive Feel™, but they’ve made the usually awkward experience of buying a mattress in-store WAY better by creating an easy, online ordering process so you can get a luxury mattress at more than half the price.

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best mattress
The box the Leesa mattress comes in.

If You’re Moving, this is THE Best Time to Get a New Mattress

Whether you’re moving in with each other or you’ve decided to purchase your first place together and really start adulting, a new mattress is one of the best (and most convenient) purchases you can make. Shuffling a broken-down mattress out of your bedroom and into a new place can be a major pain in the you know what. Instead, use this as an excuse to finally buy a great mattress and arrange to have it delivered to your new place. One of our favorite things about Leesa is that they make the process crazy EASY. You just order online and your mattress is delivered to you FREE in a couple of days. It comes conveniently compressed, rolled, and boxed. All you do is place the roll on your bedframe, tear away the plastic, and the bed will immediately begin to take shape. Setup literally takes LESS THAN 5 MINUTES.

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best mattress
The super easy setup process.

It’s an Easy Group Gift Option

Wedding guests love knowing that they’re giving you something you’re actually going to use, not just a gadget you’re going to bring out once every couple years (Crème Brûlée torch, we’re looking at you). Being able to get you a larger gift you’ll remember forever is becoming a major trend among guests, and everything from amazing coffee machines to mattresses are on top of the list. Since the Leesa mattress starts at just $525, we think it’s the perfect group gift for 5+ guests. Whether it be contributing to your honeymoon or a new Leesa mattress, guests will know they are purchasing an item that you will 100% get good use out of.

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You’re a Morning Person. Your Spouse is DEFINITELY NOT

While I can fall asleep after a cup of coffee, my husband is a purebred night owl. There are nights where he used to go to sleep five hours (!!) after me. Like, I’d wake up at 3 a.m. and he’d be halfway through a binge-watching session of The Big Bang Theory. Even thought we’ve met in the middle and I now go to sleep a little later and he a little earlier, that’s not the case for most couples. 60 percent of people share a bed with another person, and a large number of those people face some major sleep issues because of it. Studies (like this recent one in The New York Times) have found that one of the biggest challenges couples have is the difference in the time they go to sleep or wake up. And experts actually advise finding a way to make different schedules work, instead of trying to change your internal clock. Mattresses like the one from Leesa are great for this because their innovative isolation motion transfer technology allows for you and your partner to get up and down without disturbing each other. The result? I don’t even hear when he reaches to grab the remote to go to the next episode anymore.

So before you finalize your wedding registry, decide if you’re finally ready for a new mattress. It’s the perfect time to say “I Do” to a good night’s sleep!!

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