Menswear Dog Shows Guys How to Dress for Summer Weddings

Sometimes I feel like despite the fact that I work online ALL DAY EVERY DAY, I miss amazing internet sensations that I clearly need to know about…like Menswear Dog. Labeled “The Most Stylish Dog in the World,” the shiba unu (thanks to his owners, David Fung and Yena Kim) is known for dressing up in the latest menswear styles. From casual wear to suits and ties, this dog looks pretty roof-ing good in just about anything he wears, wouldn’t you say?

The stylish pup, who has a new book out called Menswear Dog Presents:The New Classics, recently did an exclusive shoot with The New York Times in which he modeled designer apparel for men attending summer destination weddings. How to dress for weddings in Nantucket, Monterey, Havana, Rome, and Paris are all covered…and it’s pretty amazing. Check out the two photos from the shoot, below, along with other classic Menswear Dog looks that we think guys could rock at summer weddings, too. Following more of his stylings @mensweardog on Instagram or on his Tumblr.

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