Appy Couple Will Actually Make Your Guests Want to RSVP On Time

appy couple

Congrats! You’re engaged! Now the planning starts, but there’s no need to stress.

Give yourself a head start by creating an interactive website that will be your fully integrated wedding hub. It’s not only the place where your family and friends will eventually go to scope out all your important wedding day details, but it’s also a tool that will keep YOU organized from the get-go. One of the most comprehensive wedding platforms out there is Appy Couple, which was created by designers and technologists specifically to support events and weddings, that we know couples and guests will love (and actually use!)

appy couple


Appy Couple helps you keep it all together providing a website, mobile app, digital stationery, guest list management, photo sharing, and more. It’s like creating a personalized brand for your wedding and with hundreds and hundreds of designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect look for you. Within minutes of setting up your site you’ll have a matching mobile app and chic, coordinated digital stationery that you can send to guests for your Save the Dates, wedding invites, and thank-you’s. Emails sent via your Appy Couple site also automatically populate with guest information and important info including your website domain and/or links for guests to download the app for free.

appy couple

A Seamless Experience for Guests

Guests can RSVP without mailing a card, book their travel using exclusive Appy deals on luxury hotels, car services like Uber, and even local beauty salons, check local maps, meet other guests, share photos, and leave you messages and virtual champagne toasts…all on your app and site! Plus, you get to keep all your guest contact information and responses in one place with you wherever you go. Send reminders, update details as plans come together, share lists with vendors, and do it all on the fly.

appy couple

Keeps You Ultra Organized

Appy Couple lets you create a complete wedding itinerary with different events (such as your rehearsal dinner, day after brunch, etc.), which can be personalized to each and every guest! It also lets you add plus ones and group families together, and ask guests for helpful information such as entrée choice, childcare needs, or a song request (Beyoncé ALL.NIGHT.LONG). It’s completely flexible so you can RSVP on behalf of your guests, make changes easily and quickly access the most up to date list for each activity.

appy couple

Your Digital Keepsake

One of the best parts about Appy Couple is that it’s yours forever. You and your guests get unlimited access for a one-time fee ($39 for the Boutique Collection or $89 for the Luxury Collection). You can keep your website active as long as you like with no additional monthly fees. This means you can go in and view your photos, messages and posted stories, and toasts from guests to re-live those special moments all over again, whenever you want.

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appy couple

More of What We Love

  • Real-time alerts when guests RSVP
  • Ping your guests to give you their address and contact information
  • Extreme guest list management from your phone with customized events and plus one’s
  • Guests can use the Appy Couple app to take photos and upload them to your gallery
  • Stream photos from your gallery in real-time at your wedding!
appy couple

Appy Couple is definitely one of the most fully integrated wedding tools out there, which means you can basically say goodbye to using multiple websites for photo sharing, website creation, email invitations, and guest list management. Plus, the fact that you can use it at home on your desktop or on the go means you and guests will have a seamless way to communicate about your wedding, no matter where you are!

We’re super proud to have Appy Couple be part of the WGM Guest List! Learn more about their amazing features at and let us know which design is your favorite!

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