Our Guide to the Most Perfect 7th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The seventh wedding anniversary has a lot of power behind it. Lucky 7! Jackpot! Seventh Heaven. You get the idea. It also has some negative connotations like the “seven-year itch” that we’re going to choose to ignore and not give any energy to. Instead, we’re celebrating! To kick off the celebrations, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite 7th wedding anniversary gifts across all budgets.

What is the Traditional 7 Year Anniversary Gift?

The traditional 7th wedding anniversary gift theme is copper or wool. Both represent warmth and durability, and copper has long been known to represent good luck and prosperity.

You could also veer from traditional gifts and go with a modern seventh-anniversary gift—desk sets and stationery. Not sure which color to get? Go with off white or yellow, which are the official 7th anniversary colors.

Jewelry more your style? There are also stones associated with each wedding anniversary, and the 7th is onyx.

Looking for something simple and sweet? Consider a bouquet of freesias, which is the 7th anniversary wedding flower.

How Do You Know Which Gift to Go With?

Whether you’re buying a seventh anniversary gift for your spouse or looking to help a couple celebrate the special occasion, you’ll want to first and foremost think about what they really love. After all, it doesn’t matter what the traditional or modern gift is, those are just suggestions. Instead, focus on a gift that will have meaning and will honor the 7 years of marriage they’ve had and look forward to the future.

With that said, here are a few of our favorite ideas for a seven-year anniversary gift.

Traditional 7th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Customized Wall Art (Etsy, $85+)

This wall art combines the lyrics from your favorite love song and the silhouette of your state in a beautiful copper hue. According to the Etsy shop owner, the design was inspired by her parents who didn’t  remember their wedding song. So, she created this framed wall hanging for their anniversary! Each piece of art is completely customizable, and will match nearly all home decor. 

Knitting Kit (We Are Knitters, $115) 

For the crafty partner, We Are Knitters has a ton of DIY kit options that can be created from the comfort of your own couch. This beginner level kit includes everything needed to create a 25.5″ x 50″ blanket from scratch. The wool, knitting needles, pattern, label and sewing needle are all included along with step-by-step instructions, too.  If your partner is a bit more experienced, they have intermediate and advanced kits, too. 

Cozy Clothes (Lululemon, $148)

Wool has a bad rap sometimes, as it’s often thought of being itchy, stiff or scratchy – but that’s so not the case. Our favorite activewear retailer, Lululemon, has an array of wool pieces designed to keep you cozy and warm. A must-have is the Engineered Warmth Long Sleeve Crew. It’s available in 2 colors and crafted from a seamless 3D engineered knit in a relaxed fit.

Intellibed Signature Gel Mattress (Intellibed, from $4,300)

So it’s a splurge, BUT if you’re in need of a new mattress and decide together to get one as your 7th wedding anniversary gift, the new Intellibed Signature Gel Mattress can help to ensure you and your partner stay well rested and happy. If you think about it, you spend years and years of your life asleep – so it makes sense to invest in a quality mattress like this, that also has innovative technology like top-of-the-line weight distribution and hypoallergenic materials (like wool), plus a 20-year warranty that will bring you at least until your 27th anniversary! 

Gel Matress
Gel Matress, from $4,300

Wool Rancher Hat (Gigi Pip via Nordstrom, $112)

Everyone needs at least one high quality, super-versatile hat in their wardrobe – and this wool rancher hat by Gigi Pip is equal parts beautiful and trendy. For the fashion-forward partner, this hat can go with any style — boho, casual, trendy — and is available with an adjustable band for sizing. 

Atlas Blanket (Woolrich, from $195)

For a comfy, cozy night in, these wool blankets by Woolrich are luxe, durable and warm. Available in a variety of solids to match any aesthetique and measuring 50″ x 60″,  these blankets are made of 50% recycled wool, 30% wool, and 20% nylon for ultimate warmth and comfiness. 

Personalized Penny (Etsy, $9.95)

Turn a copper penny into a forever keepsake via this unique Etsy shop. They will personalize a stamped penny with your initials and date and then circle the year with a heart (they have pennies from years 2009-2020!) and then attached to a .1″ split key ring so you can have it with you wherever you go. 

Personalized Copper Print (Amazon, $23 )

This bold, modern print is easily available on Amazon and can be personalized with the roman numeral for your wedding date year. It’s simple design is a high quality copper foil print on cardstock paper, so simply order, pick your favorite frame, and voila! The perfect 7th anniversary gift for your home or desk. 

French Press Coffee Maker (Amazon,  $74.99)

For the coffee lover in your life, this classic copper coffee press not only makes for a fresh, delicious cup of joe, but also looks beautiful with its shiny copper color and eye-catching silhouette.  Making up to 8-cups of freshly brewed coffee, it’s also pretty enough to leave out on the counter when not in use – which is always a plus.

Heart Pendant (Tiffany & Co., $300)

Gifting something in the iconic little blue box is always a great idea, but it’s even better when the gift is on point with the theme. This beautiful, unique heart pendant from the Elsa Peretti collection features a charcoal-color heart pendant in ruthenium over copper on a 28″ black silk cord. It’s the perfect everyday necklace that they are sure to love. 

Looking for even more traditional anniversary gift ideas? Try these:

Modern 7th Anniversary Gifts

7th wedding anniversary deskr g

Custom Cards (Artifact Uprising, from $1.30/card) 

Skip the standard box stationary kits and add a personal touch with Artifact Uprisings design-your-own-cards feature. Select from portrait or landscape, envelope color, and customize the high quality card with photos, a name, initials, monogram – whatever you think your partner would like. You can even personalize envelopes with a return address, so sending thank you cards or thinking-of-you cards is easier and more beautiful than ever before. 

leather desk set anniversary gift

Leather Desk Set (Mark & Graham, $1253)

Elevate his or her office with these camel brown leather desk set pieces by Mark & Graham. They’re practical yet elegant and classic, and are sure to keep things organized and stylish throughout the work day. 

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