10th Anniversary Gifts Your Partner Will Love

3,650 days. 120 months. A decade. However you count it, you’ve now officially been married a full ten years —  can you believe it? Well, you know what they say — time flies when you’re having (married) fun. Aside from a romantic dinner for two or some other way of celebrating such a milestone, it’s customary to give a 10th anniversary gift, too. And for 10 years, the “traditional” theme is said to be a gift made of aluminum, or tin. The modern 10th anniversary gift is diamond!

While diamonds are a bit more obvious if you’re going the modern route, traditional tin may sound a little limiting. However, there are actually tons of creative, romantic and fun gifts to give while still honoring tradition. OR, you can write your own rules and break with tradition for something you just know your partner would love. It’s YOUR anniversary, after all. 

To help you find the perfect 10th anniversary gift, here are some of our favorites — from simple and traditional, to modern and unique. 

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Traditional 10th Anniversary Gifts

Wedding Photo on a Tin

$89.95+, Etsy

This 10th anniversary gift checks off all the boxes – it includes a nod to your wedding song, a beautiful image from your wedding day, and it’s made of tin. We like to think of it as a tin win/win. (See what we did there?

10th Anniversary Gifts
Source: ArtsyVoiceprint on Etsy

Sound Wave Art

$74.95+, Etsy

After ten years, it may be time to change up your home decor a bit. We love this soundwave art, which turns an audio clip of your wedding song into a bold piece of art that is perfect as an over-the-couch conversation piece, or at the center of a curated gallery wall. Plus, it’s also printed on tin!

Favorite Photos on Metal

$24.99+, MPix Metal Pics

Metal is close enough to tin, right?  Surprise your partner with a collection of your favorite photos from the last decade, beautifully printed on metal and ready for display in a place you’ll both look at often. Memories, memorialized. 

Galaxy Ring

$428, Tin-Haus

Well, the shop has “tin” in the name, AND it’s a gorgeous, unique ring. So it checks off all the boxes for your 10th anniversary gift. It is sustainably handcrafted using recycled precious metals and flush-set ethically-sourced natural diamonds, and is made of 14KT yellow gold and sterling silver. 

10th anniversary gifts  ring
Source: Tin-Haus

Tin Date Night Dice

$16.99, Amazon

These days, date nights might look a little (or a lot) different than they did ten years ago. It’s totally normal, and that’s okay! But why not add a little more spontaneity and surprise back into your date nights with these cute little dice made of tin? Give these dice a roll to let fate determine what you do on your next date. With the two dice, there are up to 36 different date night ideas, which guarantees excitement and fun with every roll. 

Family Sculpture

$250+, Etsy

Has your family grown a bit since your wedding day ten years ago? Commemorate it with this gorgeous, aluminum cold cast sculpture that is made to reflect the special details of your family. You can even engrave it with special text on the front, back or bottom. 

10th anniversary gifts Sculpture
Source: BonuraStudios on Etsy

License Plate Art

$45, Amazon

Add a pop of color and character to your home with license plate-based collage art, honoring your wedding date, last name, or even nickname for your partner. Made of recycled license plates and mounted on wood in the stain of your choice, it makes for a fun, funky and unique 10th anniversary gift. 


$72+, Etsy

Your marriage has stood the test of time, so why not commemorate it with a personalized sundial for your 10th anniversary gift. Handmade, it is crafted for indoor and outdoor use, made of 99% recycled materials, and is made in the United Kingdom by skillful English craftsmen. Made of solid aluminum and with a painted background, inscribe the piece with your favorite quote, special date, or anything else that is special between the two of you. 

Sweet Treats

$20+, Milk Bar

You’ve heard the phrase “the sweetest treats come in tin packages” right? No? Well, it’s true. Honor the traditional theme while putting a sweet spin on your anniversary by gifting a Milk Bar cookie tin to your sweetie. Our favorite? The Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow cookie. It’s crunchy, chewy, and made of caramelized corn flakes, marshmallows and chocolate chips.  

Modern 10th Anniversary Gifts

A Stackable Ring or Band

$298+, Ring Concierge

After ten years, your engagement and wedding rings might be feeling a little lonely. Why not add a third player into the mix, and find the perfect eternity band to go with them? It can be a traditional diamond band, feature the birthstones of your children, or even just be in a favorite color gemstone. Whichever you choose, it is sure to be a welcomed addition to the ring party. 

10th Anniversary Gifts Ring Consierge
Source: Ring Consierge

Get Away

How long has it been since your last vacation? Was your honeymoon the last trip you took just the two of you? If so – that needs to change. A romantic weekend away for two is pretty much a necessity at this point. Instead of taking a chance and surprising your partner, why not plan a weekend getaway together for your joint 10th anniversary gift? In fact, you can stay within the 10th wedding anniversary theme and book a stay at a AAA diamond-rated hotel. Pour a glass of wine, get on the computer and pick out the time, place, and details. Then, pack your bags and go!

’10 Reasons I Love You’ Book

$30, Wonderbly

How about telling your partner a reason you love them for each year you’ve been married? While it may be difficult narrowing it down to just ten, this personalized book is an adorable and sentimental way to show your love. Best part? It’s easy! All you have to do is fill out your names, answer ten questions, preview the story, and it will be printed and delivered. 

Enamel Ring

$649, Marrow

Looking for a different alternative to your wedding ring and wedding bands? The simple yet bold style of this enamel ring by Marrow is unique, and stunning. Available in white, black or blue, the ring’s origin is after the founders niece, who passed away from cancer. It is intended for one of three things – to honor someone who is no longer here, to always love yourself, or in the case of your anniversary — a reminder to “always love each other.” And, it’s a 10th anniversary gift you can feel good about, as 10% of each ring purchase is donated to the Kind Campaign. 

Upgraded Bedding

$160, Boll & Branch

After a decade of marriage, sometimes all it takes to bring a bit of spice and excitement back into the bedroom is as simple as the bedding itself. Your anniversary is a prime time to gift luxe linens, comfy blankets and sexy sheets to your partner (and you get the benefit of them, too!) Boll & Branch sheets, comforters and pillows are top quality, comfort, and are available at competitive price points. Other comfy brands include Brooklinen and Cozy Earth, which even Oprah says are the softest.

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