6th Anniversary Gifts That Are Anything But Boring

6th anniversary gift ideas
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Every wedding anniversary is worth celebrating. Managing either kids, jobs, family and friendships—or all of the above—and maintaining a happy marriage throughout it all is an achievement that deserves an honor. And some gifts, too! While the sixth wedding anniversary may not feel like a particularly special or interesting milestone, that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. In fact, the traditional and modern 6th anniversary gift themes provide a great opportunity to shower your spouse with a number of fun and thoughtful gifts. 

Traditional vs. Modern 6th Anniversary Gifts

As you probably know by now, there are two different categories of anniversary gifts by year you can choose from: Modern or traditional. Or, you can go of course choose your own gift category, there are no rules! The traditional and modern anniversary gifts simply provide gift themes.

If you are a fan of the traditional, the option for your 6th anniversary gift is iron, which represents the strength of your marriage. The modern theme on the other hand is wood. Which, just like iron, is a strong material that symbolizes resilience. No matter which option you go with, just know that it will be special no matter what.

6h Anniversary Gift Thought Starters

☆ Iron Roses
☆ Cast Iron Cookware
☆ Wooden Picture Frame
☆ Iron Wine Rack

The Best 6th Anniversary Gifts for 2023

Whether you opt to go with the traditional or modern theme for your 6th wedding anniversary, there are endless options out there. Not sure what to get? We’ve put together some of the top 6th wedding anniversary gifts that will show your wife or hubby your love and appreciation on the special day.

6th anniversary gift wine rack

Wrought Iron Wine Rack, $134.99

If your spouse’s second favorite dinner companion (after you!) is a great bottle of vino, a wine rack is a great gift. And the 6th anniversary might be the best time to nab one, given the traditional iron theme. You’ll want to find one that fits your aesthetic AND acts as the perfect anniversary present. For the serious sommelier, this freestanding wrought iron rack is a beautiful complement to a kitchen or wine cellar. It can fit up to 45 bottles of wine and locks for extra protection. Bonus? It’s compact enough to fit in whatever type of living space you have. 

iron keychain 6th anniversary gift

Iron Tally Mark Keychain, $26

For the minimalist husband or wife, opt for a sentimental keychain that has meaning. Not only would it be used on the daily, but it won’t clutter up your home either! This custom keychain available on Etsy is adorned with 6 hand-carved tally marks, one for each year of marriage. Hand forged by a blacksmith, the keychain is made from ⅜” wrought iron and each is one of a kind.

cast iron pan anniversary gift

Cast Iron Cookware, $499.95 (Our Pick!)

Does your partner love to cook? Now may be the perfect time to upgrade their cookware. After all, it’s been 6+ years since your wedding shower! Any kitchen guru knows a quality Le Creuset piece is worth its weight in gold (or at least in iron!). They have an array of sizes and colors of enamel coated cast iron pans and dutch ovens. Our favorite is this versatile and cheery 9-quart dutch oven in the flame color — a bright orange that you can say symbolizes your inner flame. Looking to spend less? You can never go wrong with Lodge!

6th anniversary gift ideas

Iron Roses, $74

Iron is the traditional 6th anniversary gift, representing strength and the ability to stand the test of time. Unlike real flowers, an iron bouquet can do just that. We love that this sculpture symbolizes endurance and durability…and will actually last as a decorative statement piece. As an added bonus, you can personalize it with a special engraving—such as your last name or wedding date—to give it that extra special and personal touch. 

candy bouquet

Candy Bouquet, $30

While it isn’t wood or iron, we heard that candy can also make for a perfect 6th wedding anniversary gift. Does your spouse has a sweet tooth? (Don’t we all?) Why not indulge in a little extra sweetness through a candy bouquet? If you’re the crafty type, you can gather a bunch of their favorites and arrange it in a bouquet. But if you don’t have time or aren’t the crafty type, head to Etsy and pick out one that they’ll love (like this one, pictured) for someone who’s all about variety. Or, gift them one that’s made up entirely of their favorite candy, whether its Kit Kats or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. 

6th anniversary gift wood wine rack

Wood Wine Rack, $69.99

Maybe your spouse loves wine but their style is more boho. Good news! The modern theme of the 6th anniversary gift is wood, making a wooden wine rack another perfect gift for the occasion. This wall-mounted rack fits 12 bottles and is made from grade-A sustainable wood. Its compact size is perfect for a smaller living space, too, when square feet may be at a premium. 

picture frame collage

Custom Collage Photo Frame, $144

To celebrate the family you’ve created in six years of marriage, give your partner this thoughtful and custom collage frame. The frame itself is made of wood while handmade family figurines and a wire-based family tree adorn the front, too. Display your favorite photographs to look at each day in this conversation piece that will complement any home decor theme. 

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