This is the sweetest way to repurpose your wedding dress

Imagine this: Your wedding day has come and gone. Your dream wedding dress is in a storage box. The fancy earrings you wore are in a jewelry bag. And those crazy uncomfortable shoes are hidden away in your closet. (Because we’re not touching those again). The problem? There’s nothing you can wear everyday (aside from your engagement ring) that reminds you of your wedding. Which is why we’re so excited to have found a way to repurpose your wedding dress that actually has meaning!

Ceci Leibovitz has crafted the sweetest, most beautiful wedding dress keepsake we’ve found: Antique-inspired jewelry featuring a piece of your wedding dress. And truly, these pieces are so beautiful, it’s something we would want to wear ALL. THE. TIME.

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how to repurpose your wedding dress
The Keepsake Necklace made from your wedding dress from Ceci Leibovitz

Ranging in price from $98-$185, the limited collection jewelry can be worn in a variety of ways. You can choose to use fabric from your wedding dress, a loved one’s dress, or choose the company’s antique lace option. Here’s a look at what you can do, below:

A Sweet Way to Repurpose Your Wedding Dress

If you want to wear a piece of your wedding dress forever, this is the best way to do it. You simply have your seamstress reserve a small piece of lace (or any other type of fabric) from your dress. Or, you can carefully cut from an inner seam. Then, choose the style you prefer.

The ‘Lace Dreams’ collection features historically inspired necklaces in a wide range of styles. (We love the ones with the added charms!). The ‘Garden’ collection has beautiful hand-dyed silks for a pop of color on the necklace. And the ‘Tassel Necklace’ has a satellite chain tassel and beaded connector that looks gorgeous with the lace. Looking for something even more different? Our favorite might be the ‘Age of Love’ collection, which features necklaces, bracelets, and earrings inspired by the romance of Art Nouveau paintings.

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Your Something Blue

Are you lucky enough to have a piece of your mom or grandma’s wedding dress or even veil? Or maybe your favorite Aunt shared a vintage piece with you that you absolutely love. You can have it included in a custom Ceci Leibovitz necklace and wear it on your wedding day. You can also have multiple necklaces made for those in your family who want to remember a relative they love.

how to repurpose your wedding dress
The Sterling Lace Necklace with Monogram in Lavender

A Sentimental Wedding Gift

Looking for something special to gift your mom on your wedding day? Consider having a Ceci Leibovitz necklace or earrings made for her to wear on your wedding day. Better yet, wouldn’t it be sweet if you had matching ones? The lace can be repurposed from your wedding dress, or you can opt for the Antique Lace they have in stock. Just choose the “My Own Lace” or “Antique Lace” when you select your fabric option.

how to repurpose your wedding dress
The Lace Keepsake Necklace from Ceci Leibovitz

To Celebrate a 13th Wedding Anniversary

The traditional gift for a 13th wedding anniversary is lace, and this might be the most romantic way to use it! This would be a great gift for a partner to give their bride…just make sure they’re OK with taking a piece of the dress. (You could even conspire with a relative to find out the best way to do it.) If not, the Antique Lace would be perfect.

Whether it’s old or new, this is such a sweet (and beautiful!) way to repurpose your wedding dress and wear a piece of history.

Browse the entire jewelry collection on and use the code WED21 for 20% off!

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