A Wedding Planner Jacquelyn Aleece Shares Her Best Wedding Favor Ideas

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It’s no secret that your wedding day is all about you, your love, and everything that comes along with your beautiful new unity together. The dress, the hair and makeup, décor, details, florals, jewelry — each are exciting, “big picture” details that are often carefully thought out and planned for. But smaller details matter. Among them, wedding favor ideas are all too often an afterthought. Kind of like checking off a box because you have to, not because you want to.

Let’s have some fun and change that.

Wedding favors shouldn’t be thought of as an obligatory gesture. Instead, they should be a beautiful opportunity to not only gift your guests “a little something” as a token of your appreciation, but also to express your unique personality or style as a couple.

The Best Wedding Favor Ideas

According to wedding expert and bi-coastal wedding planner Jacquelyn Aleece, owner of The Wedding Plan and Company, “Favors can be cultural, meaningful, or a fun way to commemorate your wedding day. The act of giving a wedding favor is a tale as old as time, and so are some old standbys — CD or candle, anyone? “

It can be hard to narrow down the perfect wedding favor ideas, but Jacquelyn shared some of her personal faves that she has seen throughout her years in the biz.

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To Have and to Hold…and to Help Keep Them Warm!

With outdoor ceremonies and receptions all the rage, blankets are the perfect way to say “thank you” and keep your loved ones warm on a cool night. The best part? It can be used again and again, and your guests will always be reminded of you as they curl up to watch their next Netflix binge.

Worried that you’ll be left with more blankets than you’d hoped for at the end of the night? Donate them to your local shelter. Personalize each blanket with a tag and let them know the left over blankets will be donated; it’s the perfect opportunity to do something nice for someone else.

blanket wedding favor ideas
Photo by Elizabeth Haiser Photography via The Wedding Plan and Company

Spread the Love

We love when our couples incorporate a special homemade item when dreaming up wedding favor ideas. Fresh, local honey or jam is always a sweet treat. Personalize these favors by adding a cute sticker or tag, and don’t forget to include a honey dipper or spreader for an added touch. And really, how cute do these look? Talk about a photo op that will leave your VIPs swarming with curiosity!

Editor’s Tip: Need a fun idea for the note? Try “Thank You For Bee-In Here” on a honey jar.

honey wedding favor ideas
Idalia Photography via The Wedding Plan and Company

Have a Drink on Us

What’s a perfect enhancement to your already stunning table decor? A bottle of limoncello, champagne, tequila, or a wine and spirit of your choice! Revelers can enjoy this tableside, at the after party, or as a night cap as they kick off their dancing shoes before tucking in for the night.

wedding favor ideas
via The Wedding Plan and Company

Something Sweet or Something Salty

It’s been hours since dinner, everyone was too busy dancing to even think about dessert and now, they’ve worked up an appetite. We can’t think of a better way to help your favorite people satisfy that craving than a special surprise at the end of the night – a food truck!

This is a great way to make sure your guests are fueled up for the after party. Think about a regional treat like a Taylor Ham, Egg, and Cheese sandwich or a classic staple like burgers, hot dogs, cupcakes, or milkshakes – the possibilities are endless! Be sure guests can grab-and-go to avoid a long line, and be sure you pick up their tab.

food truck wedding favor ideas
Via The Wedding Plan and Company

Budgeting for those Wedding Favor Ideas

While it can be easy getting a little carried away finding the perfect favor, it’s super important to construct, and then stick to your budget. First, be sure to have an accurate as possible headcount for your guests, and decide if you will be giving one favor per couple, or one favor per guest. (Per couple can save you half the cost!)

Then, determine how much you want to spend per person, or per couple. Once you decide on your favorite wedding favor ideas, shop around for wholesale pricing; if it’s a large wedding you’ll be certainly be buying in bulk. And, be sure to allow for shipping and handling costs and taxes as you price it out, too. When you know how many you need, then order by at least 10-15 pieces more. (You and your parents will be glad to have an extra!) General rule of thumb: it’s always better to have too many than too little.

Then, be sure you leave AMPLE time in between when the favors will arrive and your big day to allow for any delays in shipping, misprints (hey – it happens), packaging, personalization, etc.

But, don’t forget to make the process fun!

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the wedding favor ideas you choose, with a little thought and planning your gesture of appreciation will go a long way. Think of it as a fun opportunity to gift your nearest and dearest with a little piece of you!

And, if you’re not a fan of tangible gifts or simply don’t have the time or energy to hit a home run with favors, you can’t go wrong with a donation to a cause close to your hearts, made in honor of your guests. We love this trend as it is charitable, eco-friendly, and a great opportunity to pay it forward.

Happy shopping!

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