How to Find the Right Wedding DJ for You

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So you’ve decided on a wedding DJ…we love that! But, how do you choose the right one? It all starts by knowing what you’re looking for on your wedding day. Do you want a DJ that will create an all-night dance party with everybody’s favorite hits? Or maybe you’re looking for a DJ who can play more obscure songs that you and your spouse love? Whatever it is, the good news is there a wedding DJ out there that will have the same tastes as you (or at least close to it!). But first you have to know the right questions to ask! These will help get you started…

Finding the DJ: Seek out Recommendations

Whether your venue provides a list of recommended wedding DJ’s, or your friends’ brothers’ cousin used the DJ at their wedding, we always suggest meeting with prospective wedding DJ’s that come highly recommended from sources you know and trust. The next step? See if the DJ has an upcoming gig in your area, or vet DJ’s on YouTube by searching for performances. Like what you see? Then, set up a meeting.

Meeting the DJ: Questions to Ask

When meeting with prospective wedding DJ’s, we prepared a handy list of important questions, below:

1. Are you a full-time DJ, or is this a side gig? You want to make sure you have his or her full attention the week of your wedding.

2. Do you have examples of your work? This is the time where he or she will attempt to impress you with what they’ve done. Make sure to keep your ears open to see how songs are transitioned from one to another. You want to ensure there’s no break in music between tracks and that one song goes smoothly into the other one.

3. Have you played at our venue before? It’s best to choose vendors that have worked at your venue before (this goes for everything). If the wedding DJ has, they’ll know how to work around the room’s acoustics, and your sound will be perfect on your wedding day. If the DJ hasn’t worked the venue before, see if they wouldn’t mind doing a site visit prior to your wedding so they’re prepared the day of.

4. What are your favorite artists and songs to play at weddings? Though they’ll likely have a playlist they change around for each wedding, the base song list should include a majority of songs you (and your guests) will enjoy. Be it 90’s hits or today’s Top 100, you should choose a DJ that matches your music taste and personality.

5. Do you take song requests? We’re not a bar here, so your guests shouldn’t be shouting song requests at the musicians. But if guests do come to the DJ for a request, ask in advance how he or she may handle this. Note: You can ask they stick to the playlist, if that’s your preference.

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Vetting the DJ: References

It’s always a good idea to read reviews of the wedding DJ on websites like Wedding Wire and Yelp. However, if your wedding DJ isn’t listed here, you can ask them to contact information for prior brides and grooms so that you can ask their opinion, as well as their likes and dislikes.

Signing the DJ: The Contract

You’ll want to make sure all the wedding day deliverables are listed out on your contract. For example, will he or she be the master of ceremonies at your event? What are the overtime charges? How many hours are included in the package? Will they do the setup of equipment? Is there lighting or enhancements that are part of the package? Cancellation and refund policy? Food and drink for vendors? Wireless microphones and additional equipment or speakers should all be included in the contract as well.

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Are you have a wedding band or wedding dj? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. says: Max

    My daughter is going to be having her wedding in about a month and a half, and I think that being able to find a DJ and good wedding venues are the two things she’s most worried about. I like that you talked about finding a DJ who has worked at the wedding venues before, because they’re already going to have their setup planned. I’m going to have to share that suggestion with my daughter once she decides between wedding venues! Thanks for the help!

  2. says: Jay Jorgenson

    This article is spot on when it talks about making sure you hire a full time DJ for your wedding. I remember when my wife and I got married we had a professional DJ and it worked out really great for us. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking into it.

  3. says: Burt Silver

    This is great info about choosing DJs. My fiance and I are getting married next year. One thing we are adamant about having is great music, because we want it to be a party where everybody has fun and dances. I like that you mentioned to ask the DJ if they take requests. That can always be a fun addition to a reception, and can get everybody involved.