Wedding Guests’ Favorite Ideas

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Photo by Jessica Q Photography
Photo by Jessica Q Photography

Wedding guests and couples who recently got married shared what they thought were the best wedding ideas on a recent Reddit thread. It’s interesting to see what guests loved, and also which ones the bride and the groom determined were the biggest hits. We compiled our favorite ones from the thread, below. Which ones do you agree/disagree with?

Kids area. One wedding I did set up a small corner with a TV and a Wii for the little ones. The kids were challenging the adults to Wii Bowling by the middle of the night, it was great!-nakajogeek

Have the photographer take the first kiss picture behind you. So instead of the priest you get all your guests reaction to it.-latinochick222

I was the maid of honor in a wedding once where the bride and groom planned things by asking themselves “what do we hate at weddings?” Realizing that their biggest annoyance was waiting around, they did the following- the best idea ever: As guests entered the reception hall after the wedding, they were immediately invited to the buffet, which was ready and waiting. Then the wedding party was announced while everyone was enjoying their meals, and the bride and groom immediately cut the cake after that announcement, so that guests could go right into their dessert. While dessert was distributed, the wedding party and bride and groom had dinner and then things flowed perfectly into speeches and dances. I had never seen it timed that way but now it’s exactly what I plan to do at my wedding.-libbyseriously

For my summer wedding, I’m offering water, lemonade, and iced tea along with a couple Edible Arrangements for snacks at the start and not opening the bar until afterward. Hopefully having refreshments will avert any waiting-around pre-ceremony awkwardness without actual inebriation.-staplerinjelle

Instead of a receiving line, leave everyone in their seats after the ceremony, have the couple let each row out to see/thank everyone for coming. It cuts down on time and no guests lingering at the ceremony place.-raen89

One of my all-time favorite ideas was at a recent wedding where they opened up the bar a half hour before the ceremony.-Jhoppa

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