Do I Have to Invite My Boss to Our Wedding?

invite boss to wedding

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Q: I’m inviting 2 of my co-workers who I am close with, but am not sure if I should invite my boss, too? – Sophie

A: If you have space on your guest list for two more (your boss +1) then I would definitely recommend invite them if you can. You don’t HAVE to invite them (or any co-workers for that matter), but I think it’s a nice gesture, and from a super selfish point of view if you invite your boss to your wedding you might get a little bit more leeway when it comes to travel or having to leave early for a wedding appointment (is that bad?! LOL). With that said if you hate your boss and you would be miserable knowing they’re even at your wedding, then I would tell your co-workers who are coming to your wedding to keep all work wedding talk on the DL. Which truthfully you should do anyway so as not to make it too obvious to other co-workers who you get along with but weren’t invited.

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