Where to Find the Best Groomsmen Gifts

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Let’s face it: Guys are hard to shop for. Every birthday and holiday I’m left searching endlessly for the perfect gift for my husband. And while I usually have luck sticking to a certain theme (like cocktails) or remembering something he randomly said he wanted at one point during the year, it’s not easy. So imagine how hard it is finding multiple groomsmen gifts that they’ll actually like?!

Thankfully we’ve been able to do A LOT of research the past decade, and have interviewed countless grooms and groomsmen to get the scoop on the gifts they really want. Below, you’ll find new and timeless ideas for groomsmen gifts, approved by the dudes themselves.

How Much Should You Spend on Groomsmen Gifts?

Most grooms spend $50 on groomsmen gifts on average, however it can easily go up to $150+ depending on your budget. The first thing you’ll want to do before searching for the right gift is to determine how much you want to spend. Just keep in mind that it’s not uncommon to spend slightly more on a gift for the Best Man. (Find out exactly what a Best Man does here).

When Should You Give Them Out?

Typically wedding party gifts are given out before the wedding, either at the rehearsal dinner or even a few days before at a separate get-together with your friends. Alternatively, you can give your gifts out the day of the wedding, especially if you’re all getting ready in the same place. Groomsmen gifts shouldn’t be confused with groomsmen proposal gifts, which are given as a way to ask a friend to be your groomsman shortly after you get engaged. Keep in mind that any of the groomsmen gifts below could also be used for that!

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Who Pays for the Groomsmen Gifts?

Traditionally, the groom pays for groomsmen gifts along with other expenses not usually covered by his family. These include:

  • Engagement ring/wedding band
  • Groom’s attire
  • Groomsmen gifts
  • Bride’s gift
  • Honeymoon

Real Groomsmen Share Their Favorite Gift Ideas

Alright, now to the fun stuff! We asked real grooms and groomsmen what their favorite gifts were within the $25-$150+ price range. This list also includes gifts that we’ve personally given that were a big hit.

One idea we left off this list but you couldn’t definitely do is around the groomsmen’s wedding attire. You can gift your groomsmen everything from their suit to a shirt, tie, pants, socks, or any combo that works for your budget! If you’re not going the outfit route, try out any one of these groomsmen gift ideas instead…

The Google Nest Mini

Wireless Speakers

Speakers have gotten so crazy good these days, it’s not impossible to spend less than $100 on a really great device. Options from Amazon and Google can be just as good if not better than the more expensive Sonos.

Budget: Google Nest Mini, $49

Splurge: Amazon Echo, $79.99

Upgrade their Wallet

This is one of those gifts that most guys don’t think to buy for themselves. Go for a leather or faux leather wallet with the groomsman initials engraved if available.

WGM Says: When looking at different styles, opt for a bifold wallet vs. a trifold, which can be bulkier. For quality vs. quantity, consider a card case.

Budget: Tumi Delta ID Lock Shielded Money Clip Card Case, $60

Splurge: Coach Slim Billfold Wallet, $150

Engraved Notebooks

Even though we do everything online these days, you can always use a notebook for jotting down those random thoughts and to-do lists. Moleskin makes the best classic notebooks and planners, and their website makes it super easy to personalize groomsmen gifts.

Budget: Moleskin classic notebook, $19.95 (plus $6-$8 for personalization)

Splurge: Mark & Graham classic refillable journal, $99 (plus $12 for personalization)


Whether your groomsmen are interested in food, writing, acting, music, sports, or gaming, there are classes taught by the GOAT across so many fields. From Gordon Ramsey to Timbaland, your groomsmen will get a kick out of subscription gift. $15/month billed annually, so this is definitely more of a splurge option (or a Best Man gift).

WGM Says: Check for special promotions before you buy. I recently purchased two subscriptions for $99 over the holidays, which is less than the current cost of a one-year subscription.

Food Gift Box

There are so many food gifts available these days it can be hard to figure out which one to get. While you can opt for a meal delivery service like HelloFresh or Blue Apron for a weeknight meal plan, we think it’s more fun to go with a themed food delivery. For instance, we recently discovered an amazing local butcher, Meat N’ Bone. While we love that they are local and encourage everyone to look for gifts close to home, they ship nationwide and they’re REALLY good. However, you may have something near you that does the same.

If meat is not your thing, Rancho Gordo is an heirloom bean company that offers gift boxes as well as a Bean Club (that is currently sold out). I bought a subscription to the club for my husband several years ago and it got him hooked on beans. Seriously, he cooks them multiple times a week. It’s a thing.

best groomsmen gifts
Pizza might be ultimate groomsmen gift.

For those who like the idea of a food gift but aren’t sure what to get, you can always do a Goldbelly gift card or subscription to their favorite picks. They offer fun, local food specialities from across the country, and are a great gift if you and your groomsmen are looking for some hometown nostalgia!

Budget: 2 Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizzas, $66.99 (with free shipping)

Splurge: Surf n’ Turf bundle from Meat n’ Bone, $112.99 (we had this recently and it was soooo delicious!)

Wine/Spirit Sampler

Since we’ve been drinking in a lot more than going out lately, the ability to get great quality wine and spirits at home has become more important than ever. But so is having fun with it! Instead of just buying your groomsmen a bottle of liquor, surprise them with a tasting. Flaviar delivers themed tasting boxes for hard-to-find spirits (such as Mezcal) as well as a yearly membership. If your groomsmen already have a stocked bar but love to make cocktails, consider a subscription to bitters.club, where your friends can get craft cocktail bitters delivered monthly for new cocktail insp.

For wine aficionados, try a monthly wine subscription to SommSelect, the Eater wine club, or WSJWine. Note that you can choose to gift multiple months or just one.

Budget: Flaviar’s ‘Mezcalitas’ tasting box, $41.99

Splurge: WSJWine’s ‘Warming Winter Reds’ case of 12 bottles, $159.88

A custom championship belt would be perfect for your Best Man gift.

A Trophy with a Sense of Humor

Fans of Shark Tank might recognize Trophy Smack, a company that makes custom trophies, belts, and rings for everything from fantasy football teams to groomsmen gifts. These aren’t your lame, everyday trophies either. You realize this as soon as you see their hilarious bobblehead trophy toppers and “Loser” gifts, like personalized toilet seat covers and participation ribbons. This is a great way to bring inside jokes to life with your groomsmen.

Budget: “Design Your Own” Custom Championship Ring, $75

Splurge: “Design Your Own” Customizable Championship Belt, $199

Wireless Charger

OK this might sound like the lamest of our groomsmen gift choices, but it’s usually these elevated everyday items that are the most appreciated. A well-designed wireless charging pad, stand, or portable charger is an inexpensive gift that will definitely get used. Just make sure to note which of your groomsmen use iPhone vs. Androids if you don’t get a universal charging option.

Budget: Native Union Dock wireless charger, $69.99

Splurge: Belkin Boost Charge 3-in-1 wireless charger for iPhone, $139.95

Do you have a groomsmen gift idea you loved or would love to share? Let us know in the comments section!

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