13 Best Man Duties He Won’t Want to Forget

Best Men Duties
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Maid of Honor’s might get all the glory when it comes to your wedding party, but the Best Man deserves just as much credit! They are the ones who are there to cheer your soon-to-be husband on, help him coordinate his own duties, and make sure he has a good time all the way down the aisle. Below is a list of the most common (and important!) Best Man duties to share with your groom and his #1 groomsman.

1. Help the groom pick out a tux, whether you’re renting or buying a new one. The Best Man will also need to help coordinate the suit fitting for the grooomsmen.

2. Plan the bachelor party. He doesn’t pay for everybody, but he helps figure out how the costs should be divided among the other groomsmen.

3. Help arrange travel for the other groomsmen to the wedding, and keep the groomsmen up to date on any scheduling changes and plans.

4. Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner

5. Make sure the groom and groomsmen are ON TIME on the wedding day.

6. Be there for the groom before the ceremony to hang out, have a few laughs, and maybe even a SIP of whisky or two (Just don’t overdo it. Trust us! It’s NEVER a good idea.)

7. Remind the bride/groom of any vendor/officiant payments they might need to make, and see if they would like you to hand them out (in sealed envelopes) after the ceremony or reception.

8. Hold the wedding rings in safe keeping the night before or day of the wedding, and pass them to the wedding officiant during the ceremony upon prompting.

9. Serve as a witness while you sign the marriage license.

10. Give the first toast at the wedding reception (read more about wedding toasts here!)

11. Get guests on the dance floor and mingle your butt off!

12. Gather gifts/cards brought to the wedding, and coordinate with the couple ahead of time about what to do with them after the wedding.

13. Decorate the getaway car.

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