Cute Bride and Bridesmaid Getting Ready Outfits

So you’ve got the dress (yay!), but have you got any idea what you’ll wake up wearing on the morning of your wedding? And your bridesmaids? Will they be donning pajamas, or maybe robes? We’ve scoured the internet for awesome getting ready outfits and have mixed up some unconventional ideas (caftans) with some more classic options (i.e.; floral robes). If you’re able to arrange for your photographer to come early to take some photos as you get ready, you’ll for sure want a picture of your group before everyone gets their dresses on (cue the jumping on bed photo!). We’ve paired 10 awesome bridal looks with 10 matchy (but not TOO matchy) counterpart looks for your bridesmaids. Plus, these make excellent bridesmaid gifts as well – so you’re checking two things off your list at once. Hint: Our favorites aren’t pajamas.

1. The Silk Robe

Yours: Coco De Mer Silk and Satin Robe, $565
Theirs: Olivia von Halle Pink Mimi Oyster Silk Robe, $640

2. Long Sleeve Loungewear

Yours: Preety You Bamboo Loungewear Set in Terracotta, $70
Theirs: PJ Salvage Loungewear Starry Sky, $50

3. The Cozy Romper

Yours: Everyday Ritual Penelope Loungewear Romper, $98
Theirs: Cosabella Women’s Leaonora Romper, $55

4. The Floral Robe

Yours: P Jamas Poppy Cotton Robe, $187
Theirs: Johny Vas Pocca Belterd Floral Robe, $170

Poppy Cotton Robe
Poppy Cotton Robe, $187

5. The Night Shirt

Tommy Hilfiger Graphic Nighshirt, $17

Yours: Black
Theirs: Nay Blue

6. The Winter PJ’s

Yours: Splendid Pullover Jogger PJ, $88
Theirs: Splendid Long Sleeve Pajama Set, $68

7. The Plaid Pajamas

Yours: L.L. Bean Plaid Flannel Pajama, Blue/White $55
Theirs: Green/Blue

8.  The Non-Pajama

Yours: Desmond & Dempsey Long Nightie, $105
Theirs: Desmond & Dempsey Soleil Long Nightie, $120

9. The Heart Romper

Yours: Gisele Red Heart Romper, $85
Theirs: Gisele Light Lilac Romper

10. The Waffle Robe

Yours: Naadam Cashmire Recycled Waffle Robe in Oatmeal, $325
Theirs: Black

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