10 Super Cute Ways to Ask Your Friends to Be a Bridesmaid

So you’ve narrowed down your list of bridesmaids, thats’ awesome! But before the planning really begins, you’ll have to ask them first. Since being a bridesmaid is more than just standing by you during the ceremony–there are bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and other events to travel to, not to mention help plan—we always think it’s a nice touch to come up with a creative and thoughtful “Will you be my bridesmaid” gift. They’ll inevitably be spending a ton of money on you, so here’s your chance to say thank you before it all gets started.

Speaking of bridesmaid budgets, be sure to check out these 5 ways to help your bridesmaids save money!

1. The Everything Pouch

A carry-all pouch that’s perfect for everything from makeup to jewelry or even credit cards, this is one gift that your bridesmaids will use AND think of you every time they do. Plus, we love the chic French twist! You can find a great selection of bridesmaid pouches, bags, and other fun ideas here on Etsy.

Bridesmaid Pouch White

2. The Candy Collection

Throwing a festive “Will you be my bridesmaid” party? These ‘Will you’ gift sets from Sugarfina are a great way to ask the ladies to be your bridesmaids in a tropical, cheerful way. Plus, the champagne bears candies? They’re totally delicious.

3. The Mani/Pedi Adventure

All your girls in the same town? Awesome! Invite them to the spa for a day of mani/pedis to celebrate your wedding and asking them to be bridesmaids. They’ll appreciate the relaxation! If they’re all not in the same town, offer a gift card to one of their favorite spas, where they can relax on your dime!

Bridesmaids Going to Spa

4. The Concert Trip

Gathering the girls for a great concert or play makes for a wonderful experience. From the latest Adele show to a trip to see Aladdin on Broadway, choose an experience you think everyone will enjoy. You don’t have to splurge on the best seats in the house. All that matters is that you’re enjoying the show together!

Friends on concert

5. The Gift of Cozy

For when your bridesmaids are just taking it easy at home, these faux fur blankets are so warm and cozy, they’ll be happy to wrap themselves up in them on a cold-winter day. Not required but also suggested? A great pair of slippers. The perfect gift selection to let bridesmaids know there will be time to relax this year, too.

6. DIY Bridesmaids Cards

Want to do a little DIY when it comes to asking your ‘maids? These watercolor bridesmaids cards are easy and require just a day’s work. And we love that you’ll be adding a little bit of love to your gifts by doing them yourselves!

7. Custom Cookies

Whether you choose to order these online or DIY them yourself, custom cookies with your message make an adorable way to ask your girls. The obvious added bonus? They’re edible!

Cookies Will You Be My Bridesmaid Etsy
Cookies Will You Be My Bridesmaid by DelightfulCharmsCo, from $8

8. Something Scented

Consider sending a fragrant message with this “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” candle. We love the cheeky message, and the scent’s just as lovely. Pair with a beautiful card (store-bought or handmade) to ask the important question.

bridesmaid gifts
Via Etsy, $22

9. Sweat it Out

Seeking another group activity to ask the ladies for their participation on your wedding day? Get everyone together for your favorite workout class – whether it be spin or yoga, it’ll definitely be a great time. Afterwards, treat the girls to post-workout juices in lieu of champagne!

Bridesmaid Yoga Class

10. A Keepsake

If your crowd is all about the jewels, opt for an adorable necklace or bracelet that’s out of the ordinary. This tiny genie lamp necklace is dreamy (pun intended), and makes for an affordable but significant gift. You’re kind of wishing for them to say yes, so it’s got a little bit of a meaning there. But really, we just love it.

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