10 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Under $100

You love your bridesmaids, so you want to get something amazing for each of them (or for just your Maid of Honor). But shopping for a great gift (let alone a bridesmaid gift) can seem impossible when you’re trying to stick to a budget. That’s why we went looking for fun and unique bridesmaid gift ideas that your friends will love without forcing you to eat ramen for the next few months (the wedding will probably do that on it’s own, thank you very much).

From blow-dry gift certificates to adorable bags and even a bit of bubbly, these bridesmaid gift ideas are also great for your girlfriends for birthdays and holidays, too! If only guys were this easy to buy gifts for!

Check out our favorite bridesmaid gift ideas under $100 in the gallery above. When you’re done let us know what you’re planning on getting your bridesmaids in the comments section!

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