Considering Online RSVPs for Your Wedding? Here’s What You Should Know

In today’s digital world, it may seem like wedding stationery is one of the only paper luxuries left. And while we LOVE receiving a wedding invitation in the mail, there is ONE thing about them that seems stuck in time: the RSVP card!

I mean, how many times have you accidentally missed the RSVP date only to receive the dreaded text from the bride or groom with the “Umm, are you coming to our wedding?” question. And while we’re admittedly guilty of not sending RSVP’s on time (which is bad, I know), it’s mostly due to the fact that we just forgot to mail them. We get the invite in the mail and before we know it we’ve missed the RSVP date. There are definitely times I wished there was an easier way.

Thankfully, more and more brides are using digital RSVP’s, and one of our favorite wedding website creators, Zola, does this super well. Not only does Zola let guests RSVP on your wedding website in a matter of seconds, but it allows you to easily keep track of and manage your guest list with a few clicks of your keyboard (not to mention a whole slew of other wedding planning tools they offer, like a custom wedding checklist that will majorly help you out).

We already know that online RSVPs are easier for guests (like us), but why should YOU do it? Read on, below!

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RSVP’s won’t get lost

Every bride says a quick prayer before putting wedding invitations in the mail, hoping they make it to their intended guest on time. But waiting for the RSVPs to make it back to you in one piece, on time, and filled out properly is a whole other story. Online RSVPs have zero chance of getting lost in the mail, AND you don’t have to worry about handwriting you can’t understand! (Who is this RSVP from?!).

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Guests can easily RSVP to multiple events

Whether it’s to your wedding rehearsal, welcome drinks, or morning-after brunch, one of the functions we really love about Zola’s free wedding website builder is that guests can RSVP to multiple events easily. All guests have to do is enter their first and last name, and they can RSVP for themselves and their plus one/children. Since Zola wedding websites are integrated with Zola wedding registries, once guests are done they can shop for the perfect wedding gift. Family and friends will love being able to shop for gifts directly on your wedding website without ever leaving.

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Pssst. And don’t worry. If you use Zola, you can choose whether you want your Zola wedding website to be password protected or not, or make it unsearchable on Google.

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Manage your entire guest list on your Zola wedding website

Zola makes it easy to create and manage your guest list. Not only can you collect addresses by sending a link to guests via email or text, but you can add contacts from your phone’s address book and even create a joint Zola account so you and your future spouse can create your guest list together. Bonus? You can also log in to see all of this info right from your iPhone or Android. And if you need help figuring something out, Zola’s customer service is ALWAYS available to help couples (and guests) get the information you need every step of the way.

It can save hundreds of dollars

If you’re looking to save money on your wedding invitations, a great way to do this is to eliminate additional cards (such as the response card, accommodations, and additional event invitations like rehearsal dinner and brunch), which can easily bring the cost to $1,000 before you’ve even factored in postage. Two of the best cards to eliminate are the accommodation card (since you can list hotel options on your wedding website) and the RSVP card. By having guests RSVP exclusively on your wedding website, you can save over $200 alone.

You can have digital and paper RSVP’s!

We all have those friends and family that really want their paper invitation and RSVP card. We get it. We’re not opposed to paper RSVP’s either. In fact, I spent way too much time caring about which motifs went where on our stationery. But you can definitely do a combination of both. Consider sending paper RSVP’s to those you know will appreciate them (such as grandparents who might not be online as much) and using online RSVP’s for the majority of your guest list.

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