15 Amazing Ideas for Alternative Wedding Invitations

There’s nothing wrong with old-fashioned wedding invitations, but there are so many options for alternative wedding invitations that go beyond the traditional flat paper and ink. Couples looking to make their wedding one to remember can opt for more unique wedding invitations, whether it’s balloons, a board game, or even a full-blown map of their favorite spots (and of course, the wedding location).

Check out a few of our favorite alternative wedding invitations.

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Cutting Board

via Etsy on MJs4848

Opt for an invitation that your guests will keep around for the future and put to good use.

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via BellaLinaDesignShop on Etsy
via BellaLinaDesignShop on Etsy

Throw it back with this retro toy you couldn’t get enough of when you were a kid.

Vinyl Record

via LoveMeDoDesign on Etsy

Music lovers rejoice! You can choose from an actual vinyl record like the one pictured above, or for a cheaper option, get a mini lookalike.

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via Not On The High Street

Get the party started early with this adorable invitation.


via KresgeKreations on Etsy

This is the perfect option for those who have weddings around the holidays.


via AffordableHandmades on Etsy

What’s more elegant than a scroll?

Board Game

via GeorgiaYatesDesign on Etsy

Pay homage to you and your S.O.’s favorite board game with these fun invitations.


via ArtfulPixels on Etsy

Extra, extra! You can get a single page or multiple pages for your very own newspaper.


puzzle wedding invitation
via Boutique Eclipse on Etsy

Make your guests put their brains to work!

Plexiglass or Clear Acrylic

via DistinctInk on Etsy

Perfect for those feeling ~fancy.~

Film Canister

via PursuePrettyShop on Etsy

Channel your love of movies into these super unique invitations!


via EightTwentyOneStudio on Etsy

Highlight spots like where you and your S.O. first met, or if you have a lot of out-of-town guests, go into detail about locations for the ceremony, reception, etc.


via PartyPrintExpress on Etsy

These passport lookalikes are perfect for destination weddings.

Pop Up

via TadaCards on Etsy

Not all paper invitations are made equally, as shown by these laser cut masterpieces.


via PoshestPapers on Etsy

These gorgeous invitations can incorporate moss, wood, or other natural elements.

Message In A Bottle

via InvitationInABottle on Etsy

Nothing says vintage like a literal message in a bottle.

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