The 5 Best Wedding Fitness Apps That Brides Swear By

the best wedding fitness apps

When the partner of your dreams pops the question and wedding planning finally goes into full swing, it’s natural to start envisioning how you want to look on your big day. From the wedding gown to the hairstyle, the shoes to the veil, you want everything to be absolutely perfect. And for some brides, this also includes hitting the gym for a pre-wedding fitness boost.

But when the stress of an impending wedding mounts and the busy season of vendor-hunting kicks into gear, it can be tough to stick to your fitness goals — especially if you’re flying solo.

If you want to make sure you meet your goals before you say, “I do,” a fitness app, with predesigned, in-home workouts can be a great way to go. This was undeniably the case for Ashley Warren, 29, of Winter Haven, FL.

Uncomfortable in her size 22 jeans – with a dream of slimming down to a size 14 before her wedding day – the mom of two had tried going to the gym, but felt out of place there.

“I never got results when I went to the gym because I was extremely shy and lacked self confidence,” she says. “I would not give my all in front of anyone.” That’s when Warren decided to give Jillian Michaels’ Wedding Warrior program a try.

Michaels calls the program “the ultimate bridal bootcamp.” With meal plans filled with hundreds of recipes and customizable fitness plans depending on the fitness level of the bride-to-be, the Wedding Warrior program is “designed to get you in amazing shape at an accelerated pace.”

So, with an alarm set for 5 a.m. six days a week, Warren could start her day with a 30-minute workout in the comfort of her own home. And when one of her daughters woke up early, or her schedule got slammed? She says she could easily generate a quick, 10-minute workout to make sure she didn’t miss a day.

In addition to hitting her weight loss goals, Warren said her new daily workouts improved her mood and helped her positively manage any stress–wedding or otherwise–throughout the process.

the best wedding fitness apps

“Doing workouts regularly helped me tremendously with managing my stress,” she says. “Before my journey, I would turn to food when I would feel stressed. After starting my journey, I learned how to turn to fitness as a way to escape my stress.”

Michaels says that the app is focused not just on slimming down, but on total fitness of both mind and body.

“The entire app is focused on getting in shape,” she says. “Between the meal plans, recipes, community-focused social support and the customized workouts as well as the programs, the whole emphasis is being physically strong and healthy as well as being emotionally coached and supported by myself and the other women using the app.”

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Today, Warren is a size 6, 154 pounds and bursting with a renewed self-confidence.

“This routine will forever be a part of my life,” she says. “Doing the Jillian Michaels app not only made me look better for my wedding. I now have self-confidence, which I lacked tremendously, and I truly enjoy life each and every day. I am also stronger than ever. I started the app on the easiest level, I worked myself up to medium and I’m proud to say that now I have been on the hardest level for a few months.”

the best wedding fitness apps



If you are browsing through pre-wedding fitness apps, here are a few more you can check out:


This app breaks down the confusing situation going on when it comes to nutrition labels. After filling in your age, gender and diet needs, all you have to do is head to the store and start scanning labels. It will rank the item from 0-100, helping you choose the healthiest options when you grocery shop.


This must-get app for runners curates music playlists that sync both to your taste and your stride. It helps make workouts more fun while also keeping you on pace.

FitStar Personal Trainer

Workout everyday with NFL athlete Tony Gonzales as you pursue your unique fitness goals. After completing a quiz to determine your current fitness level, you’ll be given videos tailored to your needs.


From a five minute ab workout to a full body, hour-long sweat sesh, this app has just about every workout a busy fitness beginner needs. You can even select workouts geared toward leanness, strength or just overall fitness, depending on your goals!


But no matter which fitness app you choose, and even with the incredible results Warren achieved, diving into a workout plan for the first time can be downright intimidating! But Warren wants to reassure brides that if she can do it, so can they.

“One piece of advice I have for all of the brides just beginning their pre-wedding fitness journeys, [is that] you CAN do it!” she says. “Simply give your all and do not give up. Just like everything, there will be some hard days. Always remember that in the end only YOU can give yourself the results you want, and let me tell you, it is worth all of the hard work!”

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