This is How Many Couples Sleep Together the Night Before the Wedding

sleep together night before wedding
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From making sure you have “something old and something new” to standing on a certain side during the wedding ceremony, these days it can seem old-fashioned to believe in wedding superstitions. However there is ONE tradition that most couples still believe in, and that’s not spending the night before the wedding together.

In fact, we polled our Woman Getting Married readers, and 70% of you are choosing to sleep apart the night before the wedding, which is not surprising to us at all. While recent studies show that over 45% of couples choose to do a first look before the wedding ceremony (foregoing the superstition that it’s “bad luck” to see each other), most still like the idea of sleeping apart the night before as a fun way to build up the excitement to saying “I Do!”

But what does etiquette say about this tradition today? Like almost everything else involving your wedding, the choice is up to YOU. If you think it would be fun to stay at a bridesmaid’s house or in a big hotel room with your friends or even by yourself, do it. If the thought of spending the night apart seems silly, then by all means snuggle up and talk about how excited you are for tomorrow.

When it came to my wedding, even though my now husband and I already lived together, we chose to stay in two separate hotel rooms for our destination wedding. To be honest I really enjoyed being able to completely relax by myself. I watched a bad romantic comedy, took a super long shower in the morning, and just chilled out until the (fun!) craziness started. I was so glad I did.

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Tell us, WGM’ers! Are you going to sleep together the night before your wedding? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. says: Celine

    My husband and I chose to sleep apart the night before our wedding almost 15 years ago. I was glad we did. It was nice to follow tradition and not see each other until I was walking down the aisle.