8 Couples on How They Are Making Their Wedding Registry Unique

unique wedding registry gifts
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From choreographed dances and food trucks to wedding exits via hot air balloon, couples these days are definitely thinking outside the box when it comes to making their wedding uniquely “them.” And the same holds true with wedding registries! While wine glasses and stand mixers will always top our wishlist, today couples have an opportunity to create a wedding registry that truly embodies their personalities and goals. Thankfully our favorite wedding registry, Zola, makes that easier than ever to do. Whether you want to add a full-size bluetooth jukebox to your wedding registry or fulfill your dream of becoming a better home chef with cooking classes, Zola has everything you can think of covered.

To help get you inspired to create your own Zola wedding registry, we asked couples to weigh in on how they are making their registry unique. Read on for some amazing ideas, below!

Treat Your Favorite Furry Friend

“My fiancé and I have some of the traditional wedding gifts on our registry (ie., dinnerware, bed sheets, home decor) but we know that a lot of our friends and family are more sentimental and want to give us something more “fun.” So, we added things that bring us together as a couple such as records, gardening equipment, supplies for our hound dogs, or ridiculous magnets. Obviously we wanted to include items that we need, but we also wanted people to look at our registry and know that it belonged to us.”—Afrida

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Fund for Your Favorite Causes

“We have created a Zola registry (first heard about this on The Woman Getting Married podcast!) that is a mix of traditional items plus experiences and travel. We love to do some modest travel so we have Airbnb & airline gift cards. Also, both of our fathers passed away from heart attacks so we set up a cash fund to donate to the American Heart Association in their honor.”—Christine

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Tailgate in Style

“We love the idea of group gifting for big(ger) gifts, so we are including a meat smoker and chairs for tailgating/camping.”—Gretchen

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Make Your Backyard Your Oasis

“We already have a lot of the traditional gifts, especially kitchenware, so we’re adding some more fun and activity related stuff like card and board games, a tent and camping supplies, and lawn games.”—Emily

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“We registered for board games and nerf guns.”—Taylor

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Travel Like a Pro

“I spent a lot of time organizing and creating collections on our registry, my favorite was the Honeymoon section where we added cash funds for our trip to Thailand & Vietnam, including a fund dedicated to spending a day with elephants! We also added luggage to our honeymoon wishlist and a Delta gift card! Literally everything we used to get to our honeymoon we got on Zola.” —Carolyn

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Get Healthy

“My husband and I registered for boxing lessons at a gym near our apartment which was the perfect way to let out our pre-wedding jitters. My favorite thing we registered for though was a Vitamix. We used Zola’s delayed shipping feature to hold onto it until we moved into a bigger apartment and now it’s like we have a juice bar right in our kitchen.” —Jennifer

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Plan Your Next Big Adventure

“We’ve got a ton of camping/hiking items like a double sleeping bag, a new tent, etc. We also named our cash gifts fun things for us! Like “His First Ever Man Time Grill” “Emma’s I Need Time Out of The House Spa Day” or “Savings Account For Wine To Support Emma On His Next Deployment.” People gift us cash and can pick a fun very “us” reason to gift it!”—Emma

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