5 Insider Tips for Planning a Wedding in Jamaica

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Moon Palace Jamaica

First of all, if you’re getting married in Jamaica, we are INSANELY jealous. There’s nothing more relaxing than landing in Jamaica where everything is awesome and great, and the world greets you every morning with a smile. Perhaps that’s why it’s one of the more popular destination wedding locations. DestinationWeddings.com specialist Rene Wills is here to tell us what you need to know if you’re planning your destination wedding in Jamaica!

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1. What are the marriage license requirements in Jamaica?

By law you only need to arrive in Jamaica 24 hours prior to the ceremony, however most hotels will require 3 days in order to meet with the wedding department and finalize your details. A marriage officer of the Jamaican Government must perform the ceremony. Documents required include certified copies of the birth certificates including father’s name, notarized copies of the valid passports, certificate of divorce or death certificate if either party has been previously married, and the occupation of both the bride & groom.

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2. What’s the best time of year for a Jamaican wedding?

That would be December to April.

3. What are your favorite Jamaican wedding venues?

My favorites are Secrets Wild Orchi and Moon Palace Jamaica.

4. What’s the average cost of a wedding in Jamaica?

With every wedding, the costs can vary widely depending on what the couple wants and needs. At Secrets Wild Orchid you can have a ceremony, cocktail hour and sit-down dinner reception for 20 guests for $3,199. With Moon Palace Jamaica’s complimentary events, you can earn the cocktail and reception for free, only paying for extras and the ceremony.

Photo by Christopher Lee from WPAJ

5. What’s the #1 piece of advice you would give a bride planning a destination wedding in Jamaica?

Remember, everything is irie! There are no problems in Jamaica, mon! Everything is on Jamaica time. Sit back and relax. Everything will fall into place.

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