This ONE Wedding Tool Will Make Your Planning So Much Easier

zola wedding

Let’s face it. Wedding planning can be overwhelming. From staying on budget to perfecting every last detail, you can feel like you are ALL over the place…and that’s assuming everything is going according to schedule!

So when an amazing new resource comes out that helps us get our you know what together, we are more than ecstatic…especially when it comes from a wedding site we already know and love, like Zola.

Yup. That’s right. One of our favorite wedding registries has gone and gotten even more awesome on us, releasing a suite of wedding planning tools this week that will literally cut hours (even days) from your wedding planning. In addition to their wedding registry platform that features over 450 drool-worthy brands, today Zola is unveiling the ability for couples to create GORGEOUS wedding websites along with several new features that we have been secretly waiting to tell you about for WEEKS! Here’s what you can now expect to find from our friends at

zola wedding

Your Own (Awesomely Designed) Custom Wedding Website

Zola has created a free wedding website service where you can personalize one of their chic and modern designs (several of which are pictured, above) with everything from your favorite photos, sweet engagement story, and those quirky wedding details (like who your Maid of Honor is and how she made you laugh so hard in history class you knew you’d be BFF’s forever) everybody loves to hear about. Their innovative integration with Google Maps makes it quick and easy to fill in all of the information for your scheduled list of wedding events, travel and hotel information, and fun things guests can do in the area. Plus, unlike other wedding website resources, you can stay ON THE SAME PAGE to shop your registry (meaning guests don’t have to click through 10 links to get to your wish list).

A Must-Have Wedding Planning Checklist

Remember that paper checklist you tore out of a magazine? Throw it out the window, because Zola has something MUCH better. Since no two weddings are the same, Zola has built an interactive wedding checklist that allows you to add from pre-selected items as well as add your own unique to-dos. So whether you’re incorporating religious traditions or just adding a fun idea that you need a (ahem) reminder of with handy text alerts, their new wedding planning checklist will keep you organized and WAY ahead of schedule.

A Super Easy Guest List

You know that Excel spreadsheet with a tab for your guests, your parent’s guests, your in-law’s guests, and the separate tab that’s just for maybe’s? Well, you can fuggedaboutit, because Zola has just rolled out the Holy Grail of wedding guest lists. It’s so user-friendly, we wish it was around when we were getting married! In addition to being able to have guests RSVP via your Zola wedding website and keep track of those RSVP’s in real time, here’s just a few of the other cool things it can do:

  • You can import a guest list you already have or easily build one from scratch in a matter of minutes using their innovative guest list manager.
  • Not sure who will make the cut, but want to add their names to your guest list anyway? You can check a box to indicate whether somebody on your list is “Definitely” invited or a “Maybe.” (Sssh. We won’t tell them if you don’t.)
  • Need a guest’s mailing information? Zola gives you a custom, private link that you can e-mail (or text, or even send via Facebook) to guests where they can enter their name, address, phone number, and e-mail, and it’s automatically sent to your virtual Zola guest list manager. That way you don’t have to ask your mom for Uncle Harry’s address for the thousandth time.
  • The “Address Invitations” section makes it easy to keep track of every Save the Date and invitation you’ve sent, and it also includes a handy visual that shows you how the envelope should be addressed. Working with a calligrapher o stationary store? You can export your entire list to them in a click of a button, too.
zola wedding guest list

The Registry You Know and Love

If you’re not already signed up for a Zola wedding registry, now is REALLY the time to do it. With so many wedding gifts to choose from, from fine china and bedding to novelty experiences, Zola can basically do everything for you now except pour a glass of wine. Well, you CAN actually add that Winc wine subscription service to your registry. Just sayin’. 🙂

zola wedding registry

P.S.: Feeling stressed about planning your wedding? You’re not the only one! surveyed over 500 couples to find out what’s bugging them. See if you can relate with the results, below!

zola wedding website

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