This DIY Wedding Ceremony Backdrop Will Also Look AMAZING at Your Reception


Trying to figure out what to do for your wedding ceremony backdrop can make you feel totally baffled. And while floral arches are beautiful, sometimes you want something a little different, and maybe even something that can be reused during your wedding reception. Which is why we came up with this fun AND easy DIY wedding ceremony backdrop that could also be used behind a dessert table or as a photo backdrop after the main event!

We came across these GORGEOUS fabrics at our fave wedding DIY store JOANN along with the super fun party fans in the prettiest palette ever, which added the perfect pop of color. The beauty of this backdrop is that it’s super simple to pull together, even for a total DIY novice.

When choosing your fabric, look for colors and textures that go with your wedding theme. From sequins to tulle and even velvet, opt for fabrics that you can mix and match as well as ones that won’t show wrinkles.

Here’s how we pulled this DIY wedding ceremony backdrop together, using all fabrics and supplies from JOANN:

A note on the amount of fabric you need…most fabric panels are around 52-inches wide, so in order to get a backdrop of 8 ft. high by 6 ft. wide, you would need two panels to get the width you need and around 8 yards of fabric to get the height. 

Step 1: Cut the removable mounting strips into 2-inch pieces, taking note whether you use the hook (rough side) of the velcro or the loop (soft side).

Step 2: Next, cut the sticky back for fabric pieces into an equal number of 2-inch strips, using the opposite type of velcro (hook or loop) than you used for the mounting strips so they can stick together.

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Step 3: Apply the mounting strips to the wall about 2-inches apart, measuring the width of the fabric you would like to hang as well as height. Aim to have the strips (and the fabric) hang 8 feet high plus room for puddling.

Step 4: Then apply the sticky back for fabric pieces to the top of the fabric, also 2-inches apart. This does not have to be perfect, as you can re-arrange the fabric as needed once you hang it on the wall.

Step 5: Connect the fabric velcro strips to the wall velcro strips and arrange so the fabric drapes loosely. Since we used two different types of fabric we overlapped them so it looked more visually connected.

Step 6: Next, cut small pieces of the velcro mounting strip and stick them to the back of the fans. These will connect to coordinating velcro pieces on the fabric.

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Step 7: Stagger the fans across the top of the fabric, making sure they are secured to the fabric with the velcro.

Step 8: Say ‘I Do!’

Ready to DIY something fabulous for your wedding? JOANN has such an amazing selection of wedding supplies, including all the ones for this DIY. They’re also having a ton of Spring promotions right now that will save your wedding budget. Click here to check them out!

We’re super proud to have JOANN be part of the Woman Getting Married Guest List! Visit for wedding decor, crafts, floral, and more!

Video + Production: Daniel Montoya

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