This Wedding Centerpiece Will Save You Thousands


If you’re looking for a boho chic wedding centerpiece that ALSO saves your wedding budget, think green!

Creating an easy centerpiece with gorgeous greenery (like the garland we used in the video, above) not only makes a huge impact on your wedding tables, but it ends up saving you a ton because you need very little to bring it all together. The beauty of using greenery on your tables is that 1) you don’t need a lot of it and 2) faux is the way to go! We found so many gorgeous faux greenery options at JOANN that would work beautifully for a wedding centerpiece, especially garland!

Another big reason to go green at your wedding? Aside from the fact that it works for any wedding season (hello, winter weddings!) AND you can set it up beforehand, it’s beyond easy to pull together.

To create the garland centerpiece in the video above we used just a few materials to bring it together, all from our favorite DIY store JOANN.

Step 1: Lay down 1-2 garlands to achieve the width you want and re-arrange to close any gaps. (Note that you may need more depending on the length of your tables). You can also use floral wire to tie the pieces together

Step 2: Add your plates so you can see how much additional space you’ll have to fill around them

Step 3: Start with your tallest candleholders, placing them within the greenery. (3 was a good number for us but can add as many as you want)

Step 4: Next, add your shorter votives around the greenery to add dimension

Step 5: After you put down the rest of your serveware and flatware, think color! We snipped cream and peach blooms and added them throughout the garland to add pops of color

Step 6: You’re done! So easy, right?

Ready to DIY something fabulous for your wedding? JOANN has such an amazing selection of wedding supplies, including all the ones for this DIY. They’re also having a ton of Spring promotions right now that will save your wedding budget. Click here to check them out!

We’re super proud to have JOANN be part of the Woman Getting Married Guest List! Visit for wedding decor, crafts, floral, and more!

Video + Production: Daniel Montoya

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