15 Cheap (and Awesome) Wedding Decorations You Can Buy Online

I seriously had a hard time finishing this post, because instead of looking for wedding decorations I kept seeing stuff for our apartment,and then I would get sidetracked after realizing I clearly needed whatever I was looking at. I don’t, but still…it took me a long time to finish this!

Now that I’m done “shopping,” I thought I’d put together a new series where I find my favorite items from different (and cheap) online wedding decor sites, like Ikea, World Market, Save On Crafts (which this post is dedicated to), and more. I tend to think it’s better to get a handful of items from one store than one from several different ones, so the more things you can find at one store, the better!

I’ve never shopped at Save on Crafts, but they seem to have some great deals. They have a ton of cheap wedding decorations for the ceremony and reception, and several of the items are the same price as used wedding decor (or even less expensive). I always like the idea of keeping whatever decor I can for sentimental value (even napkins [once cleaned of course] can be kept and used down the road).

Below are a few of my favorite wedding decorations I found at Save on Crafts. Let us know what you think in the comments section! For example, are you buying your wedding decorations online?

Succulent Garland String
Succulent garland, 4 ft for $25
Petite Fleurs Wood Crate Set Decoration
Petite Fleurs Wood Crate Set Decoration
Ivory White Candle Set
Candle Set, set of 20 $60

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