8 Fall Wedding Color Combos That Will Totally Inspire You

Fall is just one of those seasons that’s magical for vivacious colors and whimsical combinations, especially when it comes to your wedding color schemes. And while we’re always on board with harvest-hued florals like burgundy, sage greens, and yellows, there are so many fall wedding colors that will give your wedding that extra sense of uniqueness you were looking for. From jewel-tones to romantic pastels, anything goes this fall, with help from a few of our favorite Pantone colors. Check out the fall wedding color palettes we’re loving right now, below!

1. Dusty Blue and Burnt Orange

We’re starting our list with a definite winner. Though burnt orange is a distinct hue (and might not appeal to the traditional bride), we think it’s totally toned down when paired with a subtle dusty blue. This bold palette works really well across all décor, but we especially love it for floral arrangements with lots of greenery and neutrals in your wedding venue .

2. Emerald and Gold

We’re big fans of any color theme that includes emerald green. But add in gold as well? We’re smitten!  It’s bold but elegant at the same time – and we love it for that. From invitations to bridesmaid’s dresses, this is the color palette to choose for complete glamour.

Looking for a bold idea to carry through this fall wedding color scheme? Consider icing your wedding cake with emerald green fondant and gold leaf.

Fall Wedding Colors Emerald and Gold
Source: Megan Wynn

3. Mustard Yellow and Green

We totally understand mustard isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. And we get that (considering we’re one of them). But this charming match of mustard and green fall wedding colors is romantic in a way we never thought possible. Also, that mustard velvet chair is amazing!

WGM Says: Not sure you can commit to a bold color ALL OVER? Don’t be afraid to use stronger tones for a pop of color in less-seen places, such as your place cards and menus on your reception tables.

Fall Wedding Colors Yellow and Green
Source: Lauren Balingit

4. Gray and Gold

We’re talking 50 shades of grey with just a taste of gold. From modern tablescapes to romantic shoes, using multiple shades of grey really helps to make this subtle color as vibrant as even the boldest palettes. One word? Charming.

Fall Wedding Colors Grey and Gold Heels
Source: Harriet Wild

5. Potter’s Clay and Taupe

Earth tones, amplified. We love how bold and daring Pantone’s Potter’s Clay is, which feels like a mix between copper, rust, and caramel. When you combine this gem of a shade with a warm taupe you get an instantly chic, rustic palette of fall wedding colors. The shades are subtle and cozy together, and there’s something so pretty about layering similarly rich colors like this.

Fall Wedding Colors Clay and Taupe
Source: Design Sponge

6. Airy Blue and Dusty Cedar

Another winning combination from Pantone, airy blue and dusty cedar are the fall version of rose quartz and serenity, spring’s major color trend. We love these fall wedding colors just as much as it’s spring counterpart, and to be quite honest, we might even like it more! Bold and beautiful, just like the fall season.

Fall Wedding Colors Blue and Cedar Flowers
Source: Adam Barnes

7. Riverside and Eucalyptus

Beautiful marine blues in the fall? We’re falling for it! From bridesmaids dresses to groomsmen-gear, Pantone’s riverside is gorgeous in a wedding palette with lush eucalyptus. This color combination could also look beautiful with eucalyptus table linens and riverside-inspired blue hobnail glassware (like these from Crate & Barrel).

Fall Wedding Colors Riverside and Eucalyptus Dresses
Source: Joey Kennedy Photography
Fall Wedding Colors Marine Blue Suit

8. Digital Lavender and Ivory

Having a fall wedding but intrigued by doing something totally different? Think Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year, Digital Lavender. This unexpected fall color is exciting, balancing, and soothing…everything the season usually isn’t. It’s blue and light purple undertones tend to feel young and carefree, yet are somehow totally sophisticated for an autumn wedding when done right. Though you can pair the color with everything from blush to copper and reds, we like combining it with something a little tamer, like ivory. Think of a simple lavender bouquet paired with chic lavender shoes. On your tables, lavender linen napkins paired with ivory chiffon runners make for our favorite fall wedding colors of the season.

Fall Wedding Colors Lavander Hells
Source: SSence, $1,050
Fall Wedding Colors Lavander and Ivory Flowers
Source: Pro Wedding Invites

Fall Wedding Colors FAQ

What is the best color for a fall wedding?

When it comes to choosing the best wedding colors, it all comes down to what you love the most. However as a general rule, rich and warm colors always works well for fall weddings. For inspiration, don’t be afraid get color ideas from nature around you. Yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown are classics that work great for October and November weddings.

What color suit should you wear for a fall wedding?

Instead of thinking about color (like you would for bridesmaid dresses), think about fabric when it comes to choosing a suit. For cooler climates, you’ll want to look for heavier fabrics like tweed, gabardine, and even mohair. For warmer locations, wool blends are a great option. All these fabrics come in a variety of colors and patterns that will work great for a fall wedding, whether you’re a guest or the one getting married!

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